Be Alert and Productive Without the Help of Caffeine

Dr. Purushothaman
September 12, 2013

There are some days when you just feel lazy and you resort to the good ‘ol caffeine to give you that ‘boost’. However, drinking too much caffeine can lead to desensitization, which makes it harder to get the same feeling that you first did. This simply means that if you drink caffeine every day, you might not get the same effects anymore yet you keep on drinking. It is much better that you find more sustainable ways to solve your problems.
End Your Showers with Cold Water
This may seem like a terrible idea but warm showers actually make you feel more relaxed, which is why they are recommended to de-stress. Why don’t you give it a try? Use warm water but gradually go towards a colder temperature and you will easily wake up. For the final minute, try to have water as cold as you can stand.
Say No to Carbs for Breakfast
Eating a lot of carbs for breakfast will let you end up crashing within a few hours. Instead, try to get a dose of eggs, vegetable sand some fruits.
Wake Up at the Same Time
Mornings are usually the hardest and this is when the constant battle between waking up and getting more sleep goes on. However, if you have a varied schedule on the weekend and in the week, your body will get used to this. Set a time and leave it there for the whole week no matter what. Your body will adjust to this.
Why don’t you go for a morning run during the wee hours of the morning? This will help you ward off fatigue and it will surely wake you up. At the same time, you will feel more energized to take on the day because you started the day right. You are aware of the wonderful benefits of exercise physically, mentally and emotionally. So head to the gym, go for a run or a walk.
Give Yourself Time
In the case that you have to be up for an important meeting, give yourself adequate time to wake up. Sleeping as long as you cam might actually keep you in a daze while you are doing something important.
Catch Some Sunlight
Get a dose of those beautiful sun’s rays because they can alert your internal clock to wake up. The sun’s rays are definitely way better than artificial light. It is so refreshing to have sunlight touch your body as well.
Stimulate your Brain
You might want to try spending some time thinking about another important problem or puzzle when you get out of bed. Through this, your brain will feel more alert than usual.
There is nothing wrong with caffeine but as said above, too much of it is not good anymore. As you can see, there are ways for you to stay alert, energized and productive even without the consumption of caffeine and you will feel much healthier without it. At the same time, you will be able to test yourself as you go through the day and you feel so lazy and sleepy. Without caffeine, how are you going to cope and when you have successfully gone through the day and you have finished your tasks with caffeine, then this will be so fulfilling for you and you will see yourself in a new light. You’re the one who’s going to benefit from all of these and you owe it to yourself to give it a shot.
Start your day without caffeine and instead, do these alternatives and you will find that it is so much better. You will be happier because you know to yourself that you can still get everything done and stay alert throughout the day with these ways.

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