Balanced Diet and Healthy Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 21, 2014

All of us need to eat healthy food to live a healthy life. The key lies in knowing not just what to eat but also how much and when to eat. Eating Healthy is not about strict diet philosophy, staying idealistically thin or to keep away from the food you love. It is about eating right, feeling good, having more energy, and keeping fit. It is important to have well balanced diets which contain good supply of carbohydrates, high fiber foods, water, vitamins and minerals, proteins as well as fats. A healthy diet contains not only consuming the right foods, but also eating them in correct proportions and at proper time. The following healthy Eating Guidelines will help you to create a healthy balanced diet in your life or you can also refer more men's and women's health tips from health insurance free articles 1. Avoid eating excess food: Eat when you are hungry and stop eating when you don't have appetite. Don't bother about wastage of excess food. Discard the entire unnecessary, excess eating intake out of your life. Proper eating of food will help you to remain healthy and active, stress-free and at your best. You can seek advice from your doctor as to how much to eat especially when want to lose weight. 2. Take time to chew your food slowly: Healthy eating begins with smart eating. It is not only just what you eat but also how you eat. Always eat slowly and chew your food rather than swallowing it. This would also help you enjoy the actual taste and flavour of the food. More importantly, it also lets you know when you're actually full thus preventing excess food intake and overeating. 3. Avoid stress while eating: Avoid eating while working, driving, at variance, or watching TV like disturbing programs or the news. As when we are stressed, our digestion can be compromised, causing troubles like colitis and heartburn. Try taking some deep breaths before taking your meal and play relaxing music to create a comforting atmosphere. 4. Eat early, eat often: Beginning your day with a healthy breakfast can jump start your metabolism. Ensure that it is high on nutrients. Also eating small, healthy meals throughout the day as compared to the average three large meals will help you keep your metabolism smooth. 5. Eat Fresh Fruits and Vegetables everyday: Eat lots of fruits and vegetables, this provides your body with a good source of vitamins, minerals and fiber, to maintain a healthy body to fight diseases. Fiber helps your food to move effectively through the body, keeps you feeling pleasantly full and satisfied and in control of your eating habits, and your energy levels steady. Eat bright and deeper colors of vegetables, as they have the greater concentration of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants - broccoli, kale, mustard greens, butternut squash and sweet potatoes are several excellent choices. For fruits, choose fresh or frozen, and focus on variety. Berries are cancer-fighting, apples provide fiber, oranges and mangos contain vitamin C to provide your body a glowing skin and shining hair. Try to consume to fruit skins also whenever possible. 6. Eat variety of food: Eat different varieties of food everyday. Eating different variety of food provides your body with the entire nutrients requirement to stay healthy and fit. 7. Choose right sources of Protein: Our body needs protein to maintain our cells, tissues and organs. Getting the right quantity of protein is a fine balance to live a health life. Fish, shellfish, red meat, game, poultry, eggs or pulses meet your body's protein requirements without congestion on fats. 8. Consume Fats, but in right quantities: Normally we fear about fats and oils, but fresh, high quality fats are absolutely essential to good health. You can use butter, olive oil, sesame oil or walnut oil for cooking, but do try to keep the quantity low. Avoid sugar as much as you can and keep sugary soft drinks to a minimum. Enjoy sweets as an occasional delight. 9. Liquid intake in your body: Drink at least 2 to 3 litres of water everyday as it helps the fiber to perform its functions and plays an important role in enhancing metabolism. Include milk and other dairy products in your diet. Avoid coffee, tea or colas and restrict their intake to the minimum. 10. Are You Out of Time: If all the steps are being tried by you or you have no time & you are busy in family and professional lives then to compensate for your workouts and improper diets at least take health insurance to combat any future medical expense. Either you can remain healthy or be ready to spend money in medication however, it is always safe bet to acquire family health insurance policy plan in advance for the entire family. You can also refer more men's and women's health tips from health insurance free articles About the Author Weight Loss, Health Insurance, Health Tips, Health Advice, Balanced Diet, Health Benefits, Health Information, Free Advice, Insurance Articles, General Insurance Article Source:

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