Awakening Acceptance

Dr. Purushothaman
August 22, 2013

If you are having trouble accepting yourself then you are living from the mind as well as throwing judgement at yourself. When we judge ourselves, it means we are having thoughts, and believing them. It’s quite remarkable how often human beings believe their thoughts without question. It is also quite remarkable how humans do not observe their thoughts, and take time to recognize that thoughts usually hold little to no truth. A lot of the time our thoughts are coming from a belief system. This belief system usually stems from a perception that the world has to be a certain way, and that human beings living within the system have to act, look, and be a certain way. You don’t have to be a certain way, there is no way to be, just be yourself. The challenges and experiences you can have when you are truly yourself will fly at you. From here, you can learn and grow from them while you move on or you can hang on to your belief systems until you learn to let go of them.

A good trick to try is ask yourself where your thoughts come from. How do each of us perceive reality? What type of beliefs and conclusions that stem from your mind are you believing? Why are you believing them? Do we think that there is a certain way to be? Is there a certain way to act in certain situations? No, the key to this human experience is to just be yourself. If you are not yourself, you’ll probably experience many moments in your life that constantly provide you the opportunity to be true to yourself.

You cannot change the planet until you accept yourself. It is only from a place of self acceptance and self love that one can go out into the world and make any sort of significant change. The change you seek to make in the world starts with you, it starts with the type of energy and intent you have in your heart. From the proper energy and intent in your heart, you have the ability to manifest any type of reality you desire. Manifesting, creating and living your life from a place that is not at peace with itself is useless if you are trying to change the planet. At the same time it is not useless because no matter what your state of being, the universe will always provide the necessary experiences you need in order to grow whatever it is you need to grow. Wherever you are and whatever your situation, it’s always perfect at the level of absolute truth. Our minds tend to get in the way and make us forget what our soul has long known, each and every experience is an experience for growth. Just like we judge ourselves, we tend to just our experiences. The best thing to do is look at ourselves and our experiences from a place of neutrality, without judgement. From this place we can learn and grow from whatever we think it is ‘happened to us’. Eventually, you will come to the conclusion that nothing happens ‘to’ us, but only for us.

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