What I have Learned In My Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2015

Never be in time -Be early

Respect everybody -Especially the elders

Don’t forget the persons - Who helped us in Crisis

Select and enlist our - Mentors and Advisers

Keep away from - Pessimistic persons

Always have a - Positive Mental attitude

Never take credits for achievements - Pass it to others

Appreciate others - For their achievements

Don’t allow -Money to manage our life

Let us manage - Money to support our Vision and Mission

Be generous - As for as we can

conquer our Anger and Vengeance - By sympathy and Empathy
Don’t forget to forgive - Ourselves and others

Accept success and failures - Equally

Face life with - Courage and confidence

Pleasure and Pain are like - Day and Night

Ignorance and knowledge are like - Darkness and Light

Don’t take daily pleasures and - Happiness

Real happiness comes within - When we understand our life

Find Happiness - Even in simple things in life

Happiness - Is really a state of this Mind

Our daily life experiences have only - Just like a Dream there of Apparent Reality

Love Life – Experience it - Live it fully

Let pain and suffering - Awaken our thinking

Take at least some risk- To change our comfort zone

Do something else - That others don’t do

Have at least 3 choice - In any given situation

Always learn to - Learn Now things is Life

Be a good listener - Then act accordingly

Never do things well - Do it with Excellence

Always be creative - Let our Passion lead us to the future

There is no substitute for - Hard work

Do not procrastinate - Do it then and there

To day in our turn - Tomorrow belongs to some one else

Make it a habit to write daily - About our thoughts, future plans, Vision and Mission

Let us focus our attention - On selected themes preferably one at a time

Don’t try to do Major things in bulk - Break it into small chunks

For our project and program - Seek support and help from all sources

Don’t be rigid in life-Always be flexible

Have good relationship-With Family, Friends and Relatives

Spent a few minutes, twice daily-Being Alone-Doing Nothing

Retirement from any job-Is the beginning of a new beginning. Share our valuable experiences, ideas and advice to the younger generation.

Stat moving -Seeing New places, New persons and Start Communicating

Really we cannot deny change-As life is an ever changing phenomenon

Please do not try to change the world-Let us change ourselves

Changing my life was not at all difficult -Initially I made a small change. Finally it resulted in a big change

Instantaneous change is possible-By simply changing our perception

Now I know the most precious Possession in My life-That is “My Mind”

The moment I have understood the same-I have a renewed life journey with a great destination and difference

When I learned to follow the flow of Life, I could experience and enjoy harmony, happiness and wellbeing in my life.
When I dived into the bottom of this vast ocean of life, I could pickup precious pearls of vision and wisdom.

When I understood the unreality and uncertainty of this virtual world, I could really realize the reality.

And finally, I have really realized that….- I am one among the myriads of unique Beings in this mysterious Universe.
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