Avoid Bad Habits To Keep Health

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


Smoking is way more unhealthy for one's interest. There can be than 600 species of harmful substances in smoke. That is perfectly up to 40 different carcinogenic substances. Smokers in comparison with non-smokers, their chances of lung cancer are 8-12 times higher, throat cancer is eight times, esophageal cancer is six times higherf, and bladder cancer is four times higher. This reveals that smoking dose not simply cause lung cancer. Needless to say, some smoker cannot have lung cancer, on the contrary, non-smoker may cayse lung cancer. why? This is because we live in an setting in the middle of carcinogens. Car exhaust has a large number of carcinogenic substances. When cooking, the oil vapors are carcinogenic substances and summer tarmac volatile things are carcinogenic. When smoking,the nicotine will causes coronary artery contraction, so the chance of coronary heart disease are 10 times than non-smokers. Smoking also damages the bronchial mucosa, chronic bronchitis, emphysema, all smokers have long-term older chronic bronchitis. Bo's smoking index indicates that the number of cigarettes smoked per day times smoking years, if that reach 400, this inhabitants is at the highest risk of lung cancer target. We advise young people not smoke, the elderly should smoke less and stop smoking immediately. Moreover, passive smoking is more unhealthy to the health.When one person smoke in a house, others are passive smoking. And the passive smoking doubled the risk of cancer.
Do not drink strong tea and drink less wine. When we come to discuss wine, some individuals say the wine is good to blood stasis, dilation of blood vessels, making sure that we have a good mood. But wine will cause the expansion of the surface blood vessels, and cerebral arteries and heart arteries will not expand. When?the surface blood vessels to dilate, and blood will never be enough, and this will cause the risk of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular ischemia. At the same time, alcohol will damage liver , which will certainly easily lead to cirrhosis and fatty liver. It can not only hurt the liver, but also damage the brain function which can lead to dementia. Specially those who drink every day. The probability of dementia in such people is much greater than the average person. From the health outlook,we can not drink too much wine and pay attention to controlling the amount of alcohol. Similarly,lots of people say that tea is good, but we can not drink tea too strong, because tea contains tannic acid that will affect the absorption of iron.
In our daily life, there are many bad habits wich will cause unhealthy. And what can be done? Here I propose that when winter comes, we should wear warm clothes and prevent from th bad habit that to be able to be good looking we always wear little clothes.

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