Autism and Behavior Challenges In School

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

If you understand that not all children with Autism or ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorders) will display the same symptoms, it can help you to understand why teachers are often at a loss as to how to help each of their students with their form of this disorder. For example, one child may display only the mildest symptoms and manifest his or her condition with a few socialization problems. Another child, on the other hand, might display serious behavior challenges in school, and this might make it very difficult to ensure they are receiving an adequate level of basic education.

Because there are now federal mandates about the inclusiveness of all students, even those with serious or disruptive behavior challenges in school, it is necessary for schools to consider how to resolve the issue. Many have turned to an organized system for Autism training, and ask teachers, aides, administrators and all staff to participate. These systems come in a wide range of formats and styles, but the very best of the best will rely on ABA.

ABA means Applied Behavior Analysis, and this is actually a science that focuses on human behavior and how to improve social significant behaviors when there are some problems. Though there is no accepted cure or approved single treatment for ASD, the programs based on ABA principles are often the most common types of training used to help schools to meet the needs of Autistic students, especially those with behavior challenges in school.

This is because they cater to the individual and the specific challenges that they display. The solution to the displayed symptoms are then determined by the one on one interaction with the teacher or parent.

How does Autism manifest itself as behavior challenges in school? Interestingly enough, this is an entirely unpredictable issue. One student may require support with the development of their academic or cognitive skills, and another might not be able to easily socialize or interact with peers. Because Autism has a host of symptoms and a large number of forms, it is best for a school to support its staff with a training system that utilizes the widest set of solutions available.

ABA is the underlying science for the best Autism training, and many schools are choosing to use systems that include video training, workbooks, and guided discussions that all work to show teachers and educators the best methods for teaching students with any form of ASD.

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