Attitude, Aptitude, or Technical Skills - Which Is More Valued?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

Rakesh and Jacob passed their Bachelor of Engineering (B.E) from the same college. Though both of them were friends, each one was the exact opposite of the other. Rakesh was aggressive, ambitious, and self-confident. Jacob was shy and self-doubting. Both of them had almost the same percentage in college and both were distinction holders.

Rakesh and Jacob both got trained in.NET technology. And they joined similar software companies. While Rakesh progressed quickly in his job, Jacob was just completing his daily tasks. Eventually, both of them got promoted to team lead positions.

Rakesh took the team lead responsibility and interacted well with his team mates. He conducted training for his team members, resolved issues between colleagues, and took them for team outings. But Jacob was not able to resolve issues in his team. He was not very social and so did not have any team outings. Jacob lacked leadership skills and found it difficult to manage a team.

The above scenario is an example of a scenario where two people have equal technical skills but different soft skills. Soft skills includes skills like team building, leadership, communication skills, and interpersonal skills. As as person grows up in the career ladder, they need more soft skills than technical skills.

A popular saying is, “Your attitude determines your altitude.” A person with a positive attitude will take all problems as challenges and solves the problems. But a person with a negative attitude will be disturbed by even minor problems and brood over small issues.

Aptitude is important because, software developers write a lot of complex algorithms that includes lot of reasoning and logical skills. So decent mathematical and reasoning skills are needed. They also need to have good English skills to communicate with foreign clients and also write good proposals.

Companies don't want to take a risk while selecting a candidate. Not many companies are willing to give a candidate a chance to improve their skills on the job. On a lighter note, companies want fully ripe freshers. So, it becomes imperative for a job-seeker to be equipped in soft skills, aptitude, and attitude.

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T - Technical
A - Aptitude
P - Placement
A - Attitude
S - Soft Skills
I - Internship real-time

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