Attention Deficit Disorder Coaching. How to Create Better Businesses.

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

Submitted by JMA GROUP
Mon, 12 Feb 2007

ADD coaches struggle with self imposed deadlines and pressure to have to always be there for their clients.

ADDers always feel like they have to be accountable for everything and thus feel like they are only doing a good job if they are accountable for everything that goes into the job.

What ADDers need to realize is that this just simply isn't true. Being a good person will help you being a good coach. It's important that you are upbeat about things going on in your life if you are going to be of help to someone else. If you are happy with the direction of your life, that positive energy will help you translate that positive vibe in another individual. You cannot serve your clients well if you are over-schedule or overwhelmed with work so it is also a good idea to back away from your work once in awhile.

By taking a step back from your work you are setting up business boundaries which will help you help others.
Business hours can be you boundaries which you make a schedule and stick to it. You are open certain days and you set the hours accordingly for those days that you are open. You can be a great coach but if you do not have business boundaries you will suffer and so will your coaching.

How you deal with this is fairly simple. Make up a schedule for the days that you are going to be open. Schedule holidays that you are going to take off for. And how much vacation you are going to allow yourself to take. After you get done doing this decide what the hours of operation are going to be on the days that you open. Then you want to figure out which days that you work are going to be for just coaching only. Reason being is that you are also going to need to plan out what time every week are you going to do your administrate work, your marketing work and your planning tasks.
Finally, it is important that you stick to this schedule. Because if you make exceptions then you are losing those boundaries which in return if you do not respect your own boundaries then certainty a client isn't.


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