Attaining Great Goals

Dr. Purushothaman
June 6, 2014

Goals are energy boosters which help man to survive. Hoping for something better in life always makes man more energetic in his work. There is always an anxiety in him which allows him to complete each day with a definite meaning.
Failure or mistakes of life never affect him if he has set perfect goals in his life.
Goals may vary from each person. Many people would like to excel in their job, some aim at gaining their dream job; some would aim in purchasing a new land, some aim for a better family life, while others aim in attaining more knowledge. In short, setting goals in your life is an essential factor to make yourself energetic and focused. Setting goals is essential as it is a self-awareness of what is important in our life and how to achieve them.Setting and achieving goals

Life would be boring and un-enjoyable if we do not have plans for our life. To achieve each plan, it is necessary to set goals. Each goal has to be given equal priority by the person.

Priority should be given to the goals which are worth and which can be fulfilled easily.

Making plans in life always help us to be eager of what we are about to experience the next day. An anxiety arises when we think of the next step to be taken the next day as a preparation for the achievement of our goal.

List out short term goals and long term goals. After listing out, go on to start a short term goal and work a little on the long term.

Never work on more than two goals, for you will find it difficult to concentrate and end up completing nothing.

Set goals which you can work on. Never dream of accomplishing anything which is to an extent impossible.

Be always ready to work for the execution of your plan. Keep your laziness apart. Laziness is a factor which prevents you from gaining your goals. Motivate yourself to set apart laziness and work for the achievement

Assign a time limit for each goal. This will help you to work on it comfortably.

Modify your goals if needed. Flexibility helps you in gaining your goals quickly.

Take one step a day to reach towards your goal. You cannot reach the mountain top without starting from the base. No one drops you right there at the top. Each step to the top requires hard work and determination.

Preparation for reaching your goal is a necessary factor. Equip yourself with self improvising tools. Such include taking proper training, developing reading habits in order to gain knowledge on that particular field, being open minded, developing grasping powers, use of the right words at the right time, regular newspaper reading or even joining a new course.

Set off negative people aside. Nagging people are often factors of discouragement. They always tend to pull you back from your aim or goal. First of all identify such people. Try not to listen to them or ignore them. If such people go on irritating you beyond your patience limit, speak up in way that their feeling are not hurt and make your views clear.

Set off negative thoughts aside. Negative thoughts are also discouragement factors. Develop your mind in such a way that you always tend to think positive. Believe that nothing can stop you even your own negative thoughts. Read books giving positive ideas or talk to someone who is a positive donor.

Understand the fact that “NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE”.


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