Astrology For The Fractal Minded

Dr. Purushothaman
September 13, 2013

The immediate universe we live in, the Milky Way Galaxy, is essentially a group of billions of stars spiraling inward toward a black hole. In geometry, a spiral can be considered one of the most important patterns ever to emerge on planet Earth as it is, essentially, a scaled down representation of the Milky Way. This is because spirals are very simple fractals. Fractals are any system of patterns and chaos that work together to form a unified spectrum. Not many who studies popular astrology can tell you why astrology works, "it just does" most of them say. In contrast, there is a very eleborate but precise system to what is known as the oldest "science" among scholars: Astrology works because it is a map of the spectrum of energy that fuels our consciousness.

Many people view astrology as "pseudo-science" due to the nature of it's prophetic, fortune-telling or otherwise predictive and intuitive uses, and it's use of psychoanalyzation. Where psychology has been (for almost a century now) considered pseudoscience, astrology is usually scoffed at by scientists due to the nature and level of symbolism involved in it's practice. But there is a seriousness that no one, even it's opponents at universities, can deny. It's been used for as far back as the history books will take us, and in more cases has astrology been found a useful tool than it has not. Most people don't realize this, but it is currently used in every industry you can think of. Due to the nature of the calendar, timing is a large part of our society, whether it be scheduling or predicting change. The reason being that the calendar itself was created to document astrology. The signs of the zodiac are all named after Greek or Roman gods and goddesses. They can be found in all the names of all the months and days of the year. The origins of Greece & Rome are mediterranean, which remember is considered the "cradle of civilization". Egypt's millinea of dynasty after dynasty had plenty of time in itself to study the stars and their patterns, in order to come up with ideas mapped in syncopation with the beating of the universe.

Psychologically, we are all made up of paths of mind energy. Your brain, being the focal point of your whole body, and nervous system primarily, is simultaneously producing and drawing in the energy of all that is you. What is the energy that is you? This has been repeatedly researched, studied, discovered and exemplified yet discreated by the material God, Lucifer, in the mundane world, but on all spiritual levels, because the truth cannot be forgotten all in all, the church of physics brings us an example of the energy that is us (or the soul, soul/spiritual energy) each and every moment we realize our own existence. (These aren't religious tenets in action here, they are simple symbolic and vital to the course of this work in it's philosophical inheritence.)

If you think about what a spectrum is, it is, on a base level, a line between one extreme and another. Any cynic would agree that most people tend to forget about what lay between, and thus overlook the fundamental concept of a spectrum. Really, something that is the most extreme it can ever get is beyond comprehension and we all know this. If we talk about temperature, we can only fathom so much heat because of our mortality as human beings. Sure, we can measure the heat of the sun based on mathematical formulae, maybe even by sending a probe through space to actually measure the temperature on the surface of the sun, but we will eventually reach a limit to base our knowledge on. If this wasn't so, the sun wouldn't get dimmer and we wouldn't get colder the further away we moved from it. Still yet, we are faced with the understanding that since the diameter and mass of the sun can be scrupulously estimated, therefore the heat of the sun IS truly limited and we will only reach a limit of . So, with a limited knowledge of temperature, we really don't know what the true extreme of heat or cold would be as it simply is unattainable knowledge. This is what a spectrum really is, everything that rests on the line of measurement in between, for no human can truly fathom the two extremes on each end as they are far too great.

Spectrums and fractals are counterparts of the same universal constant that we understand as life forms in the Milky Way. That universal constant is the spiral. To understand this, one must also comprehend the meaning of a fractal. A fractal is very simple to describe but hard for many to envision, so I will use the easiest example. First, to recap the definition: a fractal is a system of patterns and chaos. How, one may ask, can you have a system that involves both? This is the simple part. A pattern is a repeating idea, such as the following: 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 1. Chaos is entirely random ideas: @#^84 27 9fdhasd as89275. The hard part, now, is putting them together.

I believe the best way to learn something is to involve yourself in the process of learning. So, grab a piece of paper and a pencil. Draw an equilateral triangle in the middle of the paper (a triangle with three sides of equal length). Now draw another one upside-down in the middle of the first one. You should now see four triangles grouped together to make a large one. Draw a triangle in the middle of each of those the same way and count them. You should have sixteen. This image is the start of a fractal.

The pattern is the triangle being flipped and drawn over and over. The chaos is how each middle triangle is smaller and smaller than the next, never to return to the original size of the very first triangle. So, something changes as something is repeated. This is the beauty of all that is in nature. If you have done this experiment and have been introduced to fractals for the first time, then you will probably start seeing them everywhere you look. It's actually quite amazing and still bewilders me to this day.

If you haven't realized already, let me explain something imperative to this discussion. There is an extraordinarily perplexing question posed in philosophy that has never been refuted, denied, nor accepted wholely in the community. That is the law of the paradox. Basically, it states that there must be extremes on both sides, otherwise there would be no such thing as life or the universe. Everything would be nothing. The paradox allows for the spectrum to appear and thus everything to land somewhere on the line in between existence and nonexistence. Much in the same way that polar opposite sides of two magnets are attracted to each other, two things that represent the far ends of the same spectrum essentially make up that spectrum.

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