Assertiveness Training - The Need For Assertiveness Training For Women

Dr. Purushothaman
September 30, 2013

In this modern age, is assertiveness training for women still as important as it was in the eighties or nineties? Although women's roles have progressed somewhat in the past decade or two, a lot of women do continue to find it difficult to assert themselves, particularly in predominantly male settings. Assertiveness training for women can give you the skills to be more confident and voice your opinions without being considered aggressive or pushy.

The Importance Of Assertiveness Training For Women

Women tend to be more understanding regarding others’ emotions and place more importance on relationships. When taken too far, these inclinations can lead you to be overly preoccupied with making other people happy. This enables others to manipulate you. In addition, women can be more likely to try to avoid direct confrontation and have problems asserting themselves because they are afraid of coming across as pushy or rude. In particular, a large number of women have trouble saying “no” without feeling like a bad person. Assertiveness training for women is tailored to enable you to change unhelpful viewpoints and cultivate the required communication abilities.

One of the key aims of assertiveness training for women is to teach you how to transform unhelpful beliefs regarding your own self-image. Instead of continually prioritizing the needs of other people at your own expense, you are going to learn that your wants are every bit as important as the needs of other people. You deserve to have your wishes fulfilled every bit as much as any person does, and it is completely normal to express them to make sure that people can become alert to them. Moreover, you will also learn helpful assertiveness skills that will empower you to convey your preferences plainly as well as refuse a request without feeling guilty.

The Benefits Of Assertiveness Training For Women

Aided by the appropriate training and experience over time, you will understand how to assert yourself more and have more belief in yourself in many different scenarios. Studies have shown that assertive individuals, both male and female, are usually a lot more prosperous in life and have better self-confidence.

In conclusion, these skills aren't just pertinent at work. You can definitely apply them in your own relationships with your spouse and circle of acquaintances also. Just keep in mind that being assertive does not mean getting what you want to the detriment of other folks by any means. It is actually about understanding that every person has the right to express their needs and have them fulfilled, and that includes you.

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