Are you really interested to study the human behavior?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 7, 2013

They are educated and specialized in understanding human behavior and psychology, the psychologists are related to the health care industry, the goal of them is to understand the nature, behavior and mental strength of an individual, and they use specialized techniques and principles for understanding the behavior of each individual.
The main role of this profession is mostly to understand the behavior of the person which is related to their emotions, personality, attention, brain functioning, perception and cognition.
Skills required for a Psychologist:
Psychologist is a trained person in understanding the nature and behavior of each and every individual concerning with their external and internal attitude. They use different kinds of techniques and methodologies in identifying and observing the patience condition and behavior with most natural implacability’s.
The common skills required to handle these responsibilities are:
ï‚« Ethical responsibility.
ï‚« Problem solving skills.
ï‚« Good research skills.
ï‚« Process of critical evaluation.
ï‚« Maintaining emotional stability.
ï‚« Compassion towards work.
ï‚« High communication skills.
ï‚« Knowledge of basic law and regulations.
ï‚« Patience and Understanding.
Responsibilities of psychologist:
Psychologists are mainly individual professional practitioners, there role of work is mostly concerned with high level research and grouping with different technologies, techniques in identifying better resources for the patients.
There are different classified careers for the psychologists such as
 Clinical psychologists.
 Psychologists as counselors.
 School psychologists.
 Research psychologists.
 Forensic psychologists.
There are different other modes of operations, which are served by these psychologists in advancement of better society and peoples health.
Psychologists job description portals and medical magazines have mentioned the jobs of psychologists had huge requirement and necessity for the good development of the society.
Role of clinical psychologists:
 Treats and resolves the problems of emotionally disturbed clients.
 Handles mentally depressed patients, who are undergone through surgical operations.
 Undertakes patient’s diagnosis, treats and prevents mental disorders.
 Develops behavioral programs and techniques to handle the patients.
 They help the people from obtaining are effecting from post traumatic stress disorder.
Psychologists render their services as counselors in schools, universities and corporate houses for development of confident, self belief and personal management.
Psychologists as Counselors:
 Gives many knowledgeable techniques and advices to different people.
 Develops patients self belief and motivates him with good attitude and knowledge.
 Controls patient’s exaggerative thoughts and simplifies his logical condition.
 They attain as the helpful agents to the patients with psychological disorders.
 Provides counseling to individuals, families and different communities.
 Co-ordinates with different physicians for the development of the treatment related to different patients.
School Psychologists:
 Works with school children relatively with their personal disorders.
 Distinguishes methodologies and environmental procedures in the development of student’s attitude.
 Coordinates with teachers, parents and associative staff to provide good educational environment.
 Help the students confined with different mental disabilities.
 Provides mental strength to the physically handicapped students.
Research Psychologists:
These psychologists mostly concentrated in identifying and developing different techniques and procedures for the purpose of good treatment. They spend time in universities for research orientation on different people and animals and study their behavioral actions and their substitute implications all together for the result orientation on developing human psychology.

Forensic Psychologists:
There profile constitutes of identifying behavioral attitude of the criminals, they help in psychological findings related to different cases, and they provide legal and expert witness in specialized conditions. They help in investigating child abused cases, and provide psychotherapy to crime victims and estimates the mental conditions of juvenile or adult offenders.

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