Anger Management - Simple Tips To Overcome Your Anger

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 23, 2013

In today society, it looks like more and more people are totally losing their patience. Most of us have somehow forgotten the value of patience. Anger gets the best of us and forces many of us to make stupid decisions.

Reacting angrily to annoying situations is normal, but how we respond to anger is what really matters the most. There is a fine line we should not cross even we are in the state of anger. Therefore, knowing how to manage and control an outburst of anger is key to conquering anger and keeping your head cool.

In this article, we will share with you some great tips on how to overcome anger. If you use and apply these tips when you are in the state of anger (even an all-consuming one), you would be able to respond to any situation with an approriate action.

Here are some of the tips to help you conquering your anger:

1. Step back from a boiling situation for a minute. If you are in a situation where you are losing your head and your blood is boiling, stop and step back for a minute. This strategy can really cool you down. Go and grab a bottle of water, get some fresh air, or even call a friend to vent. Allowing yourself a few minutes to strategize an amicable approach to the challenge will enable you to strive for diplomacy.

2. Take a deep breath and ask yourself is this worth responding to? If other people act stupidly or trying to annoy you, just start breathing deeply and slowly several times. Then, ask yourself is it worth responding to the situation? More often than not, it is not worth a second of your time to respond angrily.

3. Refrain from personal attack and name calling. Focus on finding a solution instead of debating. If the other party seems to be out of control, you should keep cool instead and ask him or her to focus on finding a solution. If you can keep a cool head in a heated situation, people will feel it and this can help them to cool down as well.

4. Calmly explain your feelings. Take some time to compose yourself and think about what truly set off the flame. Sometimes, anger is a defensive mechanism to prevent the world from knowing your feelings have been hurt. Remember, it's perfectly acceptable to be vulnerable. If you feel disrespected or hurt, you deserve to have the issue addressed.

5. React rationally. Remember that everyone is entitled for an opinion. Try to put yourself in the other person shoes first before you respond. If you disagree, acknowledge the other person point of view first and express what you disagree calmly.

6. Laugh it up. When you are frustrated, your body needs to exert energy. You typically default to exerting negative energy. But, negative reactions add more fuel to the fire. Diffuse the argument by laughing. Laughter allows you to expel energy, while internally easing your frustration as the body recognizes laughter as a sign of joy.

7. Focus on the reasons and facts instead of the emotions. This will allow you to respond with facts and find a conclusive solution. If you let emotions to creep in, conflicts will surely arise.

We have shared with you many great tips on how to manage and conquer your anger. We hope that you would put these tips into good use. Make them part of your daily habits and you would surely find yourself to be more happy, calm, cool, and collected. Hope you find this article useful.



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