An Objective View Of Workplace Issues

Dr. Purushothaman
December 6, 2013

The dynamics of a workplace environment can be interesting, flexible and sometimes confusing. Many books have been written on this very topic, with consideration being given to how the relationships between individuals can result in better outcomes for a business owner.

The art of managing a team is something that many people struggle to get to grips with. Those who may primarily think of themselves as being entrepreneurs may never have thought about the possibility of becoming engaged in the management of others. There may have been no great desire to succeed in this area.

But it's also easy to see how businesses grow, new requirements emerge and circumstances start to change. Before long, it is seen as necessary to form a team and to forge a way of working that will increase productivity levels and that will also ensure that customers are satisfied with the service levels that they receive.

It would be nice, when thinking about this scene, to imagine that there would be a level of harmony involved. It would be great if all employees could get along and work together to improve the overall standing of the business. Unfortunately, things don't always turn out this way.

One of the problems that you'll discover the need to contend with is the fact that you'll be talking to people from all walks of life. The fact that individuals are working in the same area does not mean that they will have much else in common. It certainly doesn't mean that they will have shared personality types, or that it should be assumed that they will find common ground.

In short, it would be something of a mistake to assume that work colleagues will like each other. Endless team building scenarios seem to ignore this basic factor. Rather than trying to make people become the best of friends, it's more useful to concentrate on forming working relationships that will allow the various roles to be undertaken successfully.

Within this description of what can be achieved, it's also necessary to think about the fact that you cannot avoid conflicts arising. This is something that few people appear to understand. If you're aiming to ensure that there is never an argument within your workplace, then the truth is that you are likely to struggle.

Instead of doing so, it makes far more sense to have a plan in place that considers how you will react when such conflicts do arise. This can certainly be a difficult area and it may not be a scenario that you are looking forward to. In the first instance, it usually calls for a real sense of objectivity.

Don't fall into the trap of leaping to conclusions, or taking sides at an early stage in the process. There's far more that can be achieved by remaining cool and taking appropriate action.
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