An Introduction To Alcoholism Treatment Centers

Dr. Purushothaman
September 11, 2013

Alcoholism treatment centers are there to help you deal with your problem of alcoholism effectively and on a long term basis. They are not a social taboo and should not be treated as such. Before you choose to go to a particular alcoholism center you need to find more about the procedures and the staff and facilities they have. Do their specs fall within your parameters?

Alcoholism is a disease and needs to be treated properly. Some signs of alcohol addiction are visible changes in sleep and eating patterns along with speech disorders and difficulty to see clearly when at a distance from them. Depending on the severity of the addiction the treatment varies. Mild alcoholics may be treated as outpatients while severely affected cases will need inpatient treatment lasting from one to six months after a thorough diagnosis of the physical and mental condition.

First of all you should know what usually happens in a general alcoholism treatment center. The treatment would be something like this:

· Motivate an addict (assuming he is severely addicted) to join a rehab program
· Diagnose him for his medical condition and mental condition
· Chalk out a program based on the diagnosis
· Medical detox program is the first step
· Concurrently psychological counseling is given and some form of 12 point program may be implemented
· Group therapy is introduced and as treatment progresses sessions with individual counselors and monitoring to fine tune the program based on the response of the addict to the treatment
· Meditation, yoga or some such therapy
· Physical activity and social interaction
· Skill building and therapy sessions to empower the mind of the patient for what he will face once out of the rehab and how to handle it without relapsing
· Post treatment counseling and support

Then there may be different types of alcoholism treatment centers such as :
· Purely detox based
· Total care solution provider who really are dedicated to effecting cures
· Rehab centers which are run for high profile people featuring all frills such as an exotic location, gyms, tennis courts, activity such as yoga, herbal and other forms of extra treatments and courses, music, etc.
· Non-profit based rehab centers
· Spiritual Christian alcoholism treatment centers where the accent is on faith
· Hospitals offering alcoholism treatment
· Web based counseling centers

Like the light beam of a laser, treatment at alcoholism treatment centers is now achieving coherence and a tight focus with noticeable results as most such centers have seasoned professionals each expert in his own field and further dedicated to the cause. A well equipped center is one thing; a well staffed center is that which will eventually prove more effective.

The location of the treatment centers also form a very important part in your deciding on any of the centers. You should be careful that there is not any presence of market or of any amusement park as well as shopping mall in the vicinity of the treatment centers. In general these treatment centers are located far away from any residential or any commercial area but still you should be careful. There are some centers that are located inside the city, which has a good connectivity to all major malls and markets of the city. The importance of having these centers at some isolated centers is to eliminate the possibility of the inmates bribing the personnel of the centers to let them have access to alcohol from the close by shops or market during their process of detoxification. Identify the signs, be certain and then approach any of the treatment centers for comprehensive treatment of alcoholism.

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