Alcoholics Anonymous, Stay Off The Wagon The Aa Way

Dr. Purushothaman
September 11, 2013

Alcoholics Anonymous, more commonly called AA is one of the largest support groups for recovering alcoholics in the world.

The main symptoms of alcoholism that confirm whether a person is an alcoholic are:
An irresistible urge to drink, more like a craving or compulsion
Inability to stop after the usual 2 drinks limit most people adhere to; instead keep on drinking till you pass out
If you do not have that driving when the craving hits you, withdrawal symptoms like shaking, sweating, dizziness sets in

Increased tolerance levels over time so that more and more alcohol is needed to get high

There are several other symptoms of alcoholism like denying you have a drinking problem; refusal to accept that you have a problem but believing instead that you can stop whenever you want to and the inability to remember conversations or events during a drinking bout are some of them.

The best advice that can be given is to join a support group called Alcoholics Anonymous and get himself treated based on the severity of the problem, which keeps getting worse. Alcoholics Anonymous is the only known group that will support people from all walks of life and has no political connections. They exist solely for the purpose of supporting recovering alcoholics because remember one thing - once an alcoholic always an alcoholic and it may be tomorrow or 10 years later that you can fall off the wagon.

Men and women come together in unity to help and be helped as AA is a non-profit organization with a common goal- a keen desire to stop drinking and to maintain sobriety all the days of their remaining years. People support each other, maintain sobriety and hold regular meetings. AA has only one requirement that you need to fulfill in order to become a member and that is the desire to stop drinking. There is no membership fee to join this group which is self supporting.

The crux of the personal recovery program contained in the 12 step program is operated by AA. AA has a presence in practically every city, in country in the world. Members hold meetings to discuss problems and assist each other in their problems with alcohol.

AA has a very high attrition rate with members leaving when they fall off the wagon or go back to drinking and some return and so on.

If you have a problem with alcohol find the group nearest to you in your city and join today - this decision can save your life! Maybe you have a family that needs you, or a spouse whose life would be ruined without you there or maybe your old parents have only you in this world to depend on… there are so many reasons why you should join AA and get the help you need to quit and never go back.

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