Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

A definition of the medical term "agony" is given. Agony refers to associate degree extreme condition referring to mental or physical suffering or death related sadness. This definition is taken from the "Taber's Cyclopedic Medical lexicon,"

Sadness is one amongst the longest lasting emotions. once a amount of protestant agony, there is usually a amount of resigned disappointment, within which the person feels entirely helpless; so, again, the protestant agony returns in an effort to recover the loss, followed by disappointment, then agony, again and once more. once emotions area unit gentle or perhaps moderate, they will be as transient as some seconds, or will last some minutes, before another feeling (or no specific emotion) is felt.

There is another doable, however unresearched, clarification for why we tend to typically see the signs of agony, complete with tears, once an individual hears extraordinary news. it's conceivable that the most intense joy overwhelms the feeling system, which very robust feeling of any kind produces moments of agony.
Anger is a defense against agony, a substitute, and typically even the cure.

When the rejected lover will become angry at being unloved, the despair subsides. in a very moment of intense loneliness the disappointment can come back, and should once more be driven away by anger. In some individuals anger is maintained in reserve, able to seem at the smallest amount sign of loss, to stop the expertise of agony.

These days it's common for individuals to require medications to alleviate intense disappointment or agony, to attenuate the depth of mourning. Sadness and agony aren't the sole emotions felt; anger, directed inwards or out, and fear is typically manifest. If there area unit swings between depression and extreme elation and excitement, then it's known as a bipolar depression or, within the previous nomenclature, manic-depression.
There looks little doubt that there's a vital genetic contribution that creates one susceptible to depression, which medications area unit useful in most cases. Psychotherapy with or while not medications is useful, though there's still argument within the literature concerning whether or not psychotherapy alone is as useful as medications alone once the Depression is severe.

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