Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Fright is an emotion which makes us feel reluctant to do a particular activity. Challenges come up in our lives one way or the other. It is our mental strength and capability which helps us to do things which are not on our regular schedule. Sometimes we are prevented by an internal force not to do the particular new thing coming our way. We simply move away from it. This can be due to the inner fear which prevents us from doing it. It is simple to say that we are AFRAID.

Being Afraid is a feeling which most people do hate. People like daring people ready to face situations boldly and handle and tackle it in a different way. Fright often makes us feel dumb and useless. We want to do it…but we are afraid to do. The literal meaning of Afraid can be explained as a feeling fear of anxious, worried that anything undesirable will occur or to be unwilling or an unwillingness or reluctance to do something for the fear of its consequence.

Each day is a day of challenge and adventure today. We face new things in life. If we work in a particular field, the field which we are most familiar, we find that even then tricky and difficult situations arise. We are forced to face new challenges. But if you stay back and say that ‘I am afraid’, then you can stay there and watch others move successfully ahead of you.

Feeling frightened can stop our creative talent and prevent us from learning new things in life. If you want to face the world and its new challenges, then there is only one trick-Be Bold and face it.
Being afraid can prove the world that we are cowards who run away from situations. A person can get his fright out of him if he is able to see that there is something beyond danger. Always have a strong faith in life and above all trust yourself.

To be able to turn our negative attitudes and situations in life to positive ones can help one get rid of the fright in us. Always make it a point to remind you that problems come with a solution and there is no need to be afraid of.

We are always happy to be in our comfort zone. We never try to come out of it. A level or zone beyond that is totally a hell for us, even though we know that we can handle it. More often, we are not confident that we can handle difficult situations.

Sometimes, when difficult situations arise, we feel like giving up. At this point, we have to train ourselves to try to make a step towards it and not away from it. Try and see. There is nothing wrong in trying. If we do not try, we are losing a chance to learn a new thing and who knows we might succeed.

This is a competitive world. We have to face the truth that if we do not participate, we are left out of the whole lot. Fight and succeed. Never participate to be always a winner. Participation itself is winning. It shows that you are willing to compete…that you are yearning for success.
Strengthen our minds with our faith and belief in the Almighty. This can remove fright from you to a great extent. Wipe out the stains of fright from you and face the world with a new frame of mind.

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