Dr. Purushothaman
August 6, 2014

Daily positive affirmations can help in attaining your success. Provided that you use them accordingly, you can achieve just about any goal. They can make an impact to your subconscious. They can remind you of your talents and they can build your confidence.
Sincerely State What You Want To Do Or Become
This is the best way to use daily positive affirmations. The mind can become too preoccupied with life's comforts, or with things that tend to negatively affect thoughts. This makes it hard for you to decide which part of life you ought to take. With affirmations, you give yourself time to reflect and meditate on what you really need to set your heart and mind on.
Use Personalized Statements
Avoid finding faults in yourself and in others. Avoid thinking that you cannot do it. Rather, concentrate on what positive things there are by always believing on what you are able to do. With this, you need to make positive affirmations personalized for your own needs. You are the one who knows yourself so it is you who can make the best possible affirmations. Make positive statements that are short and are easy to remember. Ideally, one statement should comprise of up to five words only.
Talk To Yourself
Positive affirmations are best utilized when you use them to consistently remind yourself that you are endowed and talented. This can be made even better by talking to yourself while facing your own reflection in the mirror. This way, you can maximally absorb the ideas behind these messages. It will help magnify the importance of your messages so they will be better absorbed by the subconscious mind.
Speak Passionately
Make your statements more meaningful by passionately reciting them every day. It is said that verbal actions are powerful because they are mostly outcomes of different processes of the brain and grave desires of the heart. Instead of just reciting them like a litany, add more emotions and feelings to it. Do it like the way those fervent speakers who can influence their audience by the ardent words they speak to them.
Write Them Down
To further make your affirmations really effective, write them down on pieces of paper. Then, post these papers on places where you usually frequent; such as the refrigerator door, up your bedroom ceiling, inside your wallet or bag, etc.
Positive Affirmations Can tackle Various Areas Of Life
There are positive statements that you can use to attract abundance into your life. You can tell yourself that you can achieve everything you need; that you receive more than what you require; that you can create and accept prosperity, etc.
Positive affirmations can also be recited to make you successful. Tell yourself that the things you do will turn to success; that your life is filled with success; that success comes easily into your life, etc.
There are also statements that can help improve relationships. Remind yourself that you are a positive and confident person; that you are attracting healthy people and relationships in life; that you are fully capable in making your relationships succeed.
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