Dr. Purushothaman
March 8, 2013

Affection is a kind of feeling of love which arises in one’s mind for another person. It is an expression of care. It is a symbolism of protection, comfort and security. Affection is the base of all relationships. Without it, we feel totally insecure and terrible. Emotional satisfaction can be gained to a very large extent if one is being shown affection by his near or dear ones. It has to be noted that any relationship exists because it is nurtured with affection.
Affection is the one factor which we all crave for. It is like food for a human being- the food for the soul, a factor which encourages man to live with more energy and vigor. It is the essential factor which makes a relationship run successfully. Any relationship is a failure or has no future when there is no affection in it.
Affection can be of many kinds. It can be affection towards our beloved, affection towards our friends, affection towards our children, affection towards our family, and affection towards our pets
When we show affection towards our beloved, we are offering love and security to them. Similarly, when we receive affection from our beloved, we experience contentment and self satisfaction. Love can be defined as a selfless affection. In love, we are able to give almost all kinds of attention – emotional, mental, physical, spiritual and sexual.
Affection towards our friends is the result of the assurance that they will be there in times of our needs. Friends are our backbones and when we get the exact kind of friendship, we are contented. If we are contented, then we tend to be selfless towards our friends and help them whenever they need us.
Affection towards our children is a special feeling. We never expect anything when we give our love and affection to our children. This is also a truly selfless kind of act. This affection makes us available for them all the time. We tend to forgive and love. Kids are the essence of a parent’s life. So affection is poured out in abundance to them all the time directly and indirectly.
Affection towards family is a factor which drives our days to be more pleasant. An affectionate family always has members who are honest to each other. They always listen to each other’s problems with full attention. They try to stay in contact with each other even when they are not together. Working together and staying together always helps in sweeping out negative emotions. Problems are solved easily when people stay together. Sharing and caring are the major factors which are the results of this affection.
Affection towards our pets is another form of selfless love. We never expect anything out of our pets. We simply love them. Unconditional love towards our pets will definitely make us more contented. We find it relaxing to come home and play with our pets. The love and affection we get from them actually helps anyone who is living alone to have a more positive attitude towards our life.
Thus affectionate is a positive kind of liking towards fellow beings. Being affectionate can thus be considered as a human quality which helps us to thrive in security. Affection from others can quench the thirst of our minds and make us better social beings. To be loved and to be accepted, being the prime need of human mind is fulfilled when we are affectionate towards others or when others show their affection to us.

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