Achievement in Daily Life

Dr. Purushothaman
August 23, 2013

In this article we make an effort to uncover the secrets to great accomplishment in life. Often people think that to get higher level success in life requires great luck and skills, but researches shows that it is a much richer set of factors that come into play that decide whether or not one accomplishes or fails in any effort. There are different levels of life that a person may accomplish or not i.e. survival, growth, development, evolution, transformation, thinks to think about. The more level of accomplishment achieve by a person shows his success level in the life.
Maslow has also describe the human needs in following steps –

• Biological and physiological needs – it also called basic needs- air, water, shelter, hunger, sex, sleep etc.
• Safety needs- after fulfilling the basic needs people looking for safety needs- protection, security, etc.
• Belongingness and love needs- family, affection, relationship, friends etc.
• Esteem needs- achievements, status, reputation, responsibility
• Self actualization- personal growth and fulfillment

These five steps described the human needs step by step. After fulfilling the one need people think about next level need. The higher level of success in life comes in self actualization.

Living at the first need i.e. biological and physiological needs (basic level) one has a conscious or unconscious desire to remain at the current level of achievement in life. They are more concern about the next day meal, shelter etc. They are not attempting to rise above one’s current achievement, nor is there an effort to raise one’s own individual capacities. They are not thinking about the quantitative growth at one’s present level of life, let alone a qualitative movement to a possible upper level.

In the next level people think about their safety needs- protection, security etc. It is an expansion of basic level of achievement. Next level, people think about the belongingness and love needs- family, friend, love etc. up to this level people live as a common man. Those who cross these needs level and enter in next level i.e. esteem needs are called successful person in the life.
To get a higher level of success in life one has to cross this level and reach to self actualization needs. In this level person do not worry about all below level needs, he only focuses on his personal growth and fulfillment of life. This is the ultimate level of any success. In this level person try to be all that he can be attitude that encourages individuals to struggle and make an effort to be accountable and participatory citizens in the world today.

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