A Wellness Program With a Stress Management Training

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Stress can weaken the immune system of our body. The immune system protects us from microorganisms that cause sickness. A workplace that helps employees to fight stress can be a big factor to reach the company's goal easily. One of the goals of establishing a Corporate Wellness Program is to decrease the number of employees who fall sick due to stress. Studies show that stress is one of the main reasons that employees catch illnesses easily.
If stress persists at work and there is no outlet for stress relief employees who feel mildly off will tend to feel worse. This may increase the occurrence of sick days. This will decrease the projected productivity level of the company which may lose a lot of production from a stress induced illnesses and absenteeism.
Employees may control stress and handle pressure better when their workplace establishes a Wellness Program. Workers may also feel that they are valued as a person more than an employee. The program may not only support them physically but also emotionally which are big factors to fight stress. Employees who feel important in their workplace regardless of job positions, will make their stay in the company longer and more productive.
One of the procedures to establish a good Wellness Program is to tailor-fit it to each employee. There should be a health screening for mental, emotional and physical areas. This way the organization will know who will be put in a stress management training first amongst others; who needs to lose weight in terms of health risk and more.
The advantages that you can get from a Wellness Program are:
A good Wellness Program should include trainings in stress management, communication skills, mental and physical health promotion (includes medical advice and exercise) and a body pampering can be a great incentive to the workers. This is an effective method to promote health and wellness to all employees to strengthen their bond with each other and loyalty to the company.
Stress may be experienced through interpersonal connections to co-employees. When this relationship is restored then they will have unity and strong communication skills which will positively affect their productivity. The rapport between employees can be improved through stress management trainings according to the Wellness Program.
Mental health classes are good to reduce the anxiety and depression of employees. It promotes less domestic aggression and a more positive workplace for employees. A Wellness Program should not only focus on the company's premises however it must also touch some aspects of the lives of employees as this can also cause stress and may reduce presence in the workplace.
Companies or organizations should seriously consider establishing a Wellness Program as this will reduce absenteeism and health care costs.
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