A Subconscious Mind Power Technique

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014

Your subconscious mind is the part of your mind that actually controls your world. It is what relays the reality your mind thinks is real to the Universal Mind and the Universal Mind makes that belief into your reality. To make this phenomena work we will need to employ the following subconscious mind power technique.
This subconscious mind power technique is a 5 step process that anyone can employ once you have the particulars about it. To begin with you will need to have a positive mindset. You can do this using positive affirmations. These will allow your mind to absorb the conditions you want to manifest.
Another few things that need to be present for this to work are:
1. You must love yourself
2. You must feel deserving
3. You must not doubt the reality
To begin with you will need to prepare yourself so you can properly utilize this subconscious mind power technique. To do this here is a list of things for you to do:
> Learn to meditate, as meditation is how you can communicate with your subconscious mind. It is how you are going to convey the message of what you want it to believe the new reality is. With proper meditation you will reach what is known as the alpha state. When your mind is in this state you want your conscious mind to tell your subconscious mind the conditions you want to be real. To do this you must be thinking of these conditions as you start your meditation. Then in the alpha state the subconscious mind will relay them to the Universal Mind and the Universal Mind will go about making them a reality.
> For best results visualize the conditions you want to be. Draw a mental picture of yourself enjoying or living in that surrounding. Be at peace with the visualization and make it part of your world. Know that it is real in your future just like you know your next paycheck will be deposited in your bank account. This is the same principle. You are making whatever just like you are making the money when you work for it and you will be receiving it at a later time. Think of it in the present, though, not in the future.
> Detail everything as exactly as you can. Think about how you want it to be. Plan every step, know every nuance, construct it so it becomes real in your mind. Contend for every contingency as you see it in your mind's eye. You can't have too much detail and the more you have the more real it will become. Make it part of your world so that there is no doubt that it is real. See yourself reaping the benefits as you live each day in your new world.
> Make it positive. Know that it is not only going to benefit you, but benefit others as well. The Universal Mind wants you to be happy, but it also wants you to share that happiness with other, cause others to rejoice and be made better in whatever way possible.
> Listen for feedback. As with all communications it needs to be a two-way street for it to be effective. If you listen the Universal Mind will tell you how to make what you want a reality. For this you will have to perform some action, as the desired commodity is not just going to magically appear. You have to make it happen.
Do this daily and have patients. Depending on your development the desired result will take shape and manifest itself for you to capitalize on. It will not come overnight. Remember to always use present tense when you are detailing something, it will make it seem more real. Write down what you want, again using present tense. Follow these steps of this subconscious mind power technique and you will soon have your desires.

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