A Sacred Life: Awakening to Spirit

Dr. Purushothaman
October 5, 2013

A sacred life does not live in compartments.
Its claim is total. Its domain is everywhere.

There are many for whom spirituality has been a part-time occupation, one among other areas of interest, and this can be the case for as long as spiritual life remains more in the realm of idea rather than something essential to the conduct of life. When one begins to have experiences of other realms, however, and, indeed, of the reality of God, then the spiritual moves out of the shadows of peripheral experience into the light of what is central, and a true process of awakening begins.

What accelerates this shift from an 'interest' in something to a need to hold this something at the center of life is the great awakening taking place now as a result of increased spiritual light upon the earth. This change will lead people to question the perspectives they hold about the very ordinary activities of life and the choices they make concerning the mundane and the everyday.

A shift in vibrations such as that occurring on a planetary level causes a new awareness to emerge of the existence of the deeper self or soul, and with this awareness comes a desire to live life according to the directives of this soul and to be guided in doing so by God and by the higher realms of light. As this happens, intentionality and commitment deepen and life becomes increasingly unified around a central core. This is not a step that the mind can take, nor even the emotions. It is a step that can only be taken in response to the call of the soul that creates a yearning for greater unity in life.

As this yearning grows, one naturally begins to look for areas in life that remain excluded from the spiritual. These may include activities that are deemed too small, too practical, or too earthly to be part of a sacred life. Such activities may at one time have seemed routine, undertaken with a minimum of consciousness or expectation that anything might be different. Now, these begin to be viewed in a different way, a way that searches for meaning. Once the heart awakens to the desire for a life that is sacred, such activities can be surrounded with prayer - a prayer that they, too, may be brought into the sphere of holiness that is recognized as life.


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