A Look At Some Important Stress Symptoms

Dr. Purushothaman
January 17, 2014

The effects of stress differ from one individual to the next but the symptoms are relatively common in all cases. These can exist in many areas of our lives, from our physical health, to our relationships to our job performance. Yes, it is part of life to experience certain levels of stress on a daily basis but the most important thing is that we are able to control stress instead of stress controlling us. When your stress levels appear too much to bear with greater frequency of the following stress symptoms affecting your life, you are well advised to find help from family and friends as well as from a psychiatric, if needed.
Your digestive system is sensitive to greater levels of stress, which results to health problems with your stomach, intestines and bowels. If these digestive health issues recur, you will seek medical advice but the doctor will usually find nothing of significant consequence until your high stress levels are mentioned. Your stomach seems to develop various minor illnesses while the situation that fills you with dread persists. Eating while being under great stress is a sure recipe for digestive problems including but not limited to stomachaches, cramps and heart burns.
You should learn to separate your eating time from your worrying time, so to speak, so as to avoid these stress-related stomach problems. Also, stress affects our judgment when choosing the right kinds of foods to eat since we choose what gives us instant comfort in times of stress instead of eating in a healthy way.
Thinking clearly also become difficult when you're stressed out. When people are frequently under pressure, their minds tend to race and they aren't able to think about things in a calm and collected manner. Your mind may be moving a mile a minute but your ability to make decisions that are based on reason rather than emotion is impaired because you can't focus on the thoughts long enough to come to those types of conclusions. With this in mind, it's a good idea to attempt relaxation techniques or even meditation before making big decisions. If you aren't careful, you might allow stress to push you into bad decisions that will leave you feeling even more stressed.
Sometimes stress can cause truly disturbing symptoms that can make you think you're having a serious medical problem, such as a heart attack. Some symptoms of stress such as difficulty breathing, light headedness and chest pains are indicative of a panic attack brought on by stress. However, these symptoms are also those of a heart attack which require medical attention right away. Even if it does turn out to be stress related that too is a serious issue that needs to be addressed no matter how it's ultimately treated. Keep these symptoms and other panic attack issues at bay with the techniques your physician can help you learn for stress management.
Everyone will experience stress in different ways, but the same can be true of all of them in that the symptoms are never enjoyable. It is good to know the types of thoughts, reactions or situations in your life that cause you stress so that you will be able to make positive changes. Your life can be worse in many ways due to stress, but by preventing it, you can improve your quality of life.

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