A Healthy Life For Sure Anywhere

Dr. Purushothaman
January 20, 2014

It is possible to have a healthy life for sure anywhere...if you take charge of your personal health. However don't relay on your doctor to help unless he or she practices alternative health methods.
The average conventional doctor only knows how to treat illnesses and diseases with prescription drugs. If you have a doctor who practices alternative methods of curing your illnesses or diseases consider your self extremely fortunate.
If a doctor got any education about nutrition in medical school it was so inadequate that they weren't very qualified to practice that type of healing.
The prescription drug companies started from day one programming medical students that the way to cure illnesses was by prescribing drugs.
This is a true story because they furnish medical students with all kinds of aids in their educational years in medical school. As small as it might be the various aids they furnish or pens, notebooks, clipboards and other such products they can use in their education years.
Of course these aids do contain names of prescription drug companies printed right on any product they give to medical students. Many people would agree that OK to give out such gifts.
But wait a minute does that not influence some students to some degree that maybe they should be obligated somewhat to a particular drug company after they graduate?
In my generation we didn't hear much about cancer, heart attacks, diabetes and other diseases either because the local news didn't broadcast it or there weren't that many cases of illnesses like today.
I happened to believe that most people were healthier back then because they took better care of themselves. There wasn't the influence of fast food restaurants, junk food or processed food like there is today.
We ate more wholesome foods, many grown in our own gardens then. We ate more fruits and vegetables and even though we worked harder, stress was not as great as it is today.
We exercised more because many people walked more often because they didn't have access to a lot of transportation conveniences as today. Many jobs required more physical exercise than they do today also.
Fifty years ago prescription drugs were not as widely known or used. Grandma's remedies solved a lot of illnesses back then with very simple and safer methods, too.
Open-heart surgery wasn't even mentioned in my generation. Even stressful living wasn't something we heard mentioned very often either. We seemed to solve problems easier than we do now.
And we didn't run off to the hospital emergency room when we got a pain either. I'm not sure I even remember a hospital emergency room back then. We seemed to solve health problem on our owning the early years.
If we did go to a doctor in my generation he did give us a lot of personal attention. I said "he" because I don't ever remember a female doctor in my younger years.
I can remember doctors then that were so concerned about your ailment that they would even make personal calls to your home within a couple of days to see how you were feeling.
If you get a doctor today who gives you that much attention, consider yourself "super lucky" because there aren't that many of them around like that today.
I appeal to you today to do whatever is necessary to educate yourself about alternate medicine methods, healthy diets that should be part of you regular diet regimen, exercising requirement, stress management and other nutritional requirements.
You will only get this type of education on your own. Don't depend on your doctor for all of this kind of information because it is not likely to happen.
You must be totally in charge of your personal health requirement or you could be suffering some major health ailments. That's may be a blunt statement but it's a very true statement.
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