8 Ways to Get Your Workplace Fit Fast

Dr. Purushothaman
December 6, 2013


Having a healthy and fit workplace is extremely important if you want to avoid workplace accidents and increase productivity. Fit workers are able to concentrate better and it has been proven that fit workers have a better chance to avoid accidents. There are some basic way to get your workforce fit fast and keep your business safe and efficient.

Start a smoking cessation program. Smoking cessation has proven to be the most important way to get your staff healthy. Start a program at your workplace or this isn't possible offer to pay for them to visit an outside program.

Offer to anonymously help drug and alcohol problems. Start by educating employees on the downside of drug and alcohol abuse and then offer to anonymously give them help if they think they have a problem.

Offer employees a free membership at a gym or health club and start a morning or evening exercise program. Most health clubs have a corporate rate and you will more than make up for the money with healthier employees.

Offer healthier alternatives at your company cafeteria or if you don't have a cafeteria provide fruits, vegetables and other healthy food in the break room.

Train your employees on office ergonomics. Purchase a video training program or have a guest lecturer come to the workplace and teach your employees how to work safely.

Teach your employees on how to stretch and warm up for strenuous activities. If your employees do heavy lifting or any strenuous work, make sure that it is company policy to warm-up.

Have healthcare professionals come to your workplace to screen for heart problems. Offer free blood pressure checks and other heart related health care screenings right at your workplace for free.

Better yet - offer free healthcare or healthcare at a greatly reduced cost to every employee. Preventative healthcare saves employees from future sick days and makes them more productive. It's a fact.

Helping your employees become fitter and healthier not only is the right thing to do, it is the right thing to do for your business as well. Healthy and fit employees are sick less and have less workplace accidents so start a program today.

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