7 Habits Of A Highly Happy Couple

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Have you ever seen those couples that you thought are attached at the hip? Those who can't seem to get their hands and eyes off each other? Couples that make you gag, roll your eyes at or look at them with envy? That, even if you know your relationship is doing okay; it makes you wonder what they have that you don't? They make you wonder what makes them a genuinely happy couple.
Well, wonder no more, I am going to share with you the 7 best things happy couples do. If you want to be in the happy couple's club, try doing the following: One, have a pressure free relationship. Impossible? Not at all. If you understand each other and let go of your own irrational and selfish issues, then having a stress-free union is easy to achieve.
Rachel, 25 years old shares her story. "With my previous relationship, I called everything off- my gym sessions, my dance club and my girl's night out just to be with him. It was okay for a couple of months but eventually, we were at each other's throats. The demands were just so intense that we called it quits.
So when I started dating this new guy, now my boyfriend, we agreed to have personal time for ourselves where he can play basketball while I do my shopping or attend yoga class. With that, our relationship became more exciting. We miss each other all the time and surprise each other more.
It made me a more fun and loving girlfriend!" Two, to be a happy couple, you should have your own tradition or custom. Sharing your own little rituals identify you as a duo. This creates a feeling of belongingness and uniqueness to other couples. Three, never ever take each other for granted.
When you are dating or in a relationship with someone for a long time it doesn't mean that you don't need to be romantic anymore. Why don't you try being intimate while doing the most mundane things. Four, loosen- up and have fun together. A happy couple doesn't mind showing their goofy or mushiest side to each other.
Recalling funny and corny moments actually helps couple when their relationship is in trouble. Five, to be a happy couple, give passionate kisses. Never underestimate the power of mouth to mouth smooching. Kissing passionately keeps your relationship tight and fiery. Instead of giving a soft peck at the lips before going to work, why not try French kissing? You'll be amaze how lively you'll feel afterwards.
Six, when having a disagreement, fight not to win but to resolve. A happy couple argues about the solution, not on making each other feel bad. Seven, a happy couple respect each other no matter what. That says it all. With respect come trust, honesty and loyalty. So there you are my endearing lovers, the 7 best things happy couples do.
Good luck!

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