6 Things That Draw Your Attention Away From the Road

Dr. Purushothaman
October 2, 2013

When driving it's essential that all your attention remains on the road as situations change very quickly and dangers can develop from them. We have identified 6 things that draw your attention away from the road and shouldn't be used whilst driving.

1. First, hang objects from your interior mirror. This draws your attention away from the road and even restricts your view. Simple things such as picture hanging or even air fresheners as they only have to catch your eye to gain your attention. When on your driving lessons in Leeds you will find that there is nothing hanging from the interior mirror as it may distract learner drivers and it also causes unnecessary blind spots. Learner drivers find it hard enough to drive even without the distraction of something hanging from the interior mirror, experienced drivers should also have to focus on the road and sometimes may struggle with the distraction.

2. GPS and Sat Nav are other things that draw your attention away from the road. Accidents have been known to happen due to drivers trying to find a place using their Sat Nav whilst on the road, if you ever do need to use the Sat Nav find a safe, convenient, and legal place to pull over and do so.

3. Using a mobile phone requires a lot of attention which is taken from the road. Using a mobile phone is seen to be just as dangerous as using a Sat Nav, perhaps even more with the new smartphones on the market. Driving whilst using a mobile phone is illegal and if caught using one you could be looking at 3 points on your driving licence.

4. Some have even been caught trying to read a newspaper whilst driving! This would seem to some as an impossible task however others manage it, but it takes an awful lot of attention to read a newspaper and should be done when stationary and parked.

5. Playing with the car's radio is another task that we have identified as being dangerous whilst driving. Not only does it acquire attention but the loud music that is playing even more so distracts you from the road. On your driving lessons in Leeds, you will never have the radio on loud if at all as it distracts you from learning and the driving professionals have realized this. Pick a station before you set off, keep it at a reasonable volume, and drive safe!

6. Finally, talking to passengers is another thing that may distract you from driving. Even more so arguing as it takes more concentration and attention. Make sure that you keep all your attention on the road whilst driving and not on the person sitting next to you no matter what the reason.

When driving you need to be sure that all your attention is on the road and you aren't letting any of the above distract you from driving. When doing any of the above make sure you're stationary and parked in order for you to apply all your attention on the road when behind the wheel.

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