5 Ways to Practice Active Meditation if You Can't Sit Still

Dr. Purushothaman
August 13, 2023

Meditation can be characterized as a bunch of strategies that are proposed to energize an uplifted condition of mindfulness and centred attention. Meditation is additionally an awareness changing procedure that has been appeared to have numerous advantages on mental health. Any individual who has attempted to meditate before realizes how troublesome it may be.

The more you attempt, the harder it becomes to just sit still! You may not realize that alternate styles exist to rehearse meditation through movements.

For individuals who have particular difficulty sitting still, these types of meditation may give a more successful method of preparing your brain. So, try to incorporate some of these styles of meditations into your normal practice.

Walking Meditation 

Normally we walk to get from one place to another. In any case, imagine a scenario in which we transformed strolling into something sacred and purposeful. To work on walking meditation, take a full breath and gradually place your foot on the ground. As you breathe out, bring mindfulness as you make the next step. Keep on doing as such. As your brain meanders, take your concentration back to each step and breath. Through careful walking, we carry attention to the present time and place by focusing on the breath with each gentle step. The practice develops our connection with ourselves and the sacred earth.

Yoga Asanas 

People in the west may consider yoga a kind of fitness. Yet, yoga does undeniably more than toned muscles and burning calories. It alludes to a spiritual practice that started in ancient India millennia prior. "Yoga" signifies "to join" in Sanskrit, uniting mind and body. As indicated by The Yoga Sutras, "Yoga is the settling of the mind into silence. At the point when the mind has settled, we are set up in our needed nature, which is unbounded awareness." The now well-known practice includes strengthening and stretching poses, called asanas, with deep breathing and meditation. For individuals who can't sit still, yoga gives an ideal method to meditate through movement and proper breathing.


Nurturing a garden will feed both the body and the soul. Working on the soil with your hands reconnects you to the earth and assists with feeling grounded. You can incorporate a meditation practice into cultivating by rehearsing care. As you garden, notice the vibes of the earth in your hand, the sun on your skin, and the fragrance of nature. Stay right now, noticing the developments as you connect with nature and the source of life. This kind of movement meditation has numerous medical advantages, as well. As per a Dutch report, only 30 minutes of planting a day expands prosperity and lessens stress. Investing a little energy working in the soil also helps to have a good night sleep.

Shading Mandalas 

Mandalas, signifying "circle" in Sanskrit, allude to spiritual geometric symbols said to address the universe. In Hindu and Buddhist practices, the shading or drawing of mandalas while meditating will connect to the infinite, the world beyond our reach and inside our bodies and minds.

Buddhist priests from Tibet go through weeks making mind-boggling designs with grains of sand. Priests carefully place each coloured grain into divine geometrical patterns. After that, they destroy it by placing the grains into the flowing water. Because clearing the mandala helps to remember the fleetingness of life and to appreciate all that you have right now. You can make your mandalas utilizing more oversimplified drawings or plans as a type of meditation when you can't sit still.

Tai Chi

While walking through a park in China, you may run over gatherings of individuals moving at the same time in sluggish movement. This isn't a dance, however really an old style of meditation. The low-sway type of martial arts helps to balance a person's internal life force, called the "Qi", through movement and meditation. This conventional Chinese mind and body strategy gives an ideal method to meditate for the individuals who can't sit still it also accompanies enormous medical advantages like reducing anxiety, improving heart health and lowering blood pressure.

Truly meditation doesn't occur naturally. It is an expertise that requires preparing the mind to relax in awareness. If you experience issues in meditating, don't feel debilitated. Consider it like exercising a muscle. As you train the mind through training, you become better at it. Over the long run, you will build up a more deep connection with divinity.

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