5 Ways That Will Surely Give You Relief from Fibromyalgia Hand Pain

Dr. Purushothaman
January 29, 2020

Fibromyalgia hand pain is a chronic medical condition which causes stiffness, pain, and fatigue in the hand muscles. The pain usually starts in the little finger and spreads to the thumb. Fibromyalgia symptoms can make it difficult to conduct daily activities such as typing, writing, using a mobile phone or even lifting objects.

5 Ways to Reduce Fibromyalgia Hand Pain

  • Do Wrist and Hand Exercises

Wrist and hand exercises, mainly focus on hand’s tendons and muscles. The exercises strengthen the muscles which help in absorbing the stress on joints in the hand. This, in turn, reduces the pain.
Squeeze a stress ball as it can help in strengthening the fingers and keeping them flexible. Consult with a physical therapist to learn which are the best fibromyalgia pain in hand and figures relief exercises.

  • Heat and Cold Therapy

Heat helps in loosening hand stiffness. Soaking your hands in hot water or taking a hot shower can provide some relief. The heat from hot water helps in relaxing the muscles and tendons in the hands.
You can also use heat pads as they help in stimulating blood flow in the hands, thus easing the pain. You can use a heating pad when you feel stiffness in the fingers.
Cold therapy is also effective in pain management. Using flexible gel pads kept in the freezer or even a bag of frozen peas can help. Icing the hand numbs the pain to a great extent.

  • Avoid Typing or Writing

Activities like typing on the phone or computer will make the hand pain worse. Even if you avoid typing for an hour, the pain will reduce. Avoid texting or playing video games for some time. Use dictation or voice-activated mode to surf the internet or text. If you do have to type, then type slowly as typing fast can increase the pain.
Computer usage causes Repetitive Strain Injury due to the repetitive action of typing. Reducing the repetitiveness would be a good idea.

  • Use Copper Compression Gloves

Copper compression gloves help in increasing blood circulation and they apply a little pressure to the hands. Both of these actions reduce hand pain.
Copper gloves help in relieving inflammation in the muscle, joint, and tendon inflammation. Even the day-to-day activities can become impossible to do if you suffer from fibromyalgia hand pain. The copper compression gloves help in restoring movement by relieving pain and stiffness. This allows you to carry out daily tasks with less pain.
The fibromyalgia pain and muscle fatigue can get worse when the temperature drops and reduces the blood flow to the fingers. Copper gloves will keep the hands warm the entire time you wear them, thus alleviating the pain.

  • Use a TENS Machine

TENS or transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation machines send slight electrical pulses into the hands. This helps in stimulating your body’s natural processes. Not only will this machine reduce the pain, but also restore movement in the hand.
These tips will help in reducing pain in hands and wrists fibromyalgia. See which method gives you the best results and include them in your daily regime.

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