5 Vitamins That Step up Your Oral Health with Braces

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2020

It’s true that you need to re-think your diet when you have braces on. But did you know that eating foods rich in vitamins is a wiser choice? If you already follow a healthy diet, you won’t have to make too many changes to your diet. But if you’re making major changes to your diet, here’s what you need to learn about making healthy food choices when you are undergoing a braces treatment. If there are some foods you are unsure about eating, check with your orthodontist if they are good for you.

Here's a Deeper Dive into the Vitamins That Are Beneficial for Your Teeth:

Vitamin A

Foods rich in vitamin A gives saliva flow a big post, allowing it to effectively wash out bacteria. Vitamin A is also necessary to maintain healthy mouth tissues and mucous membrane. It also maintains the required amount of keratin, a protein that fosters the formation of tooth enamel.
Foods rich in Vitamin A include sweet potato, spinach, and watermelon. Add them to salads, bake, fry, or steam for a delicious snack.

Vitamin B2

If you do not consume enough of vitamin B2, your mouth will develop mouth sores. Add to that, the redness and inflammation caused at the tip and lateral margins of the tongue. Some people may even have cracks at the corners of their mouth.
Foods like dairy products, pasta, lean steaks, mushroom, spinach, almonds, and leafy vegetables are rich in Vitamin B2.

Vitamin C

The intake of foods rich in Vitamin C keeps problems like inflammation and bleeding in the mouth away. Vitamin C also contains a powerful antioxidant that boosts collagen synthesis, necessary to sustain healthy gums.
Foods rich in Vitamin C include oranges, sweet potatoes, red peppers, kiwis, and lemons.

Vitamin D

Vitamin D is necessary to make your body absorb all the calcium you consume. If you experience a burning mouth syndrome, it's time for you to add Vitamin D-rich foods to your diet. Another great way to get plenty of this mighty vitamin is to soak yourself in the sun. Engage in outdoor sports in the mornings or simply enjoy your breakfast out in the open.
If you don't think activities in the morning is possible, you can always switch up your meals a little. Include milk, egg yolks, and fish as much as you can!

Vitamin K

Another vitamin you should not miss out on is Vitamin K. Why? Because it prevents the clotting of blood and acts as a shield to keep harmful substances away that break down bone. Lack of Vitamin A could result in bone loss that has a chance of becoming loose or falling out.
Foods rich in Vitamin K include green leafy vegetables, broccoli, cucumber, soya bean, chili powder, spring onion, and olive oil.


Did you know that smoothies are a good idea too? They are a big trend today and everyone seems to enjoy the fit life. Smoothies are great meal replacement supplements too. Want to know another great advantage? Smoothies are easy on your braces too! It's a win-win. Who wouldn't love a healthy yet flavorful smoothie that keeps your mouth and gut happy? Blend fruits and vegetables rich in vitamins to get the maximum benefit for your teeth!
Now that you know the immense benefits of these vitamins, make a conscious effort to include these foods in your diet. Eat them raw, as a salad mix, or smoothie, vitamin-rich foods will be beneficial if you wear braces. It will also give your oral health a major boost!

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