5 Types of Meditation That Can Relax Your Mind, Body and Soul

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


The world outside is packed with lot of optimism and positivity, but there is an equal amount of stress, frustration and negativity that can hamper your thought process, life and eventually your self confidence as well. This is why majority of the people today look out for better options that can allow them to be sane and focus their energies on something productive that can make things better for them. Meditation is a better way out to ensure that your mind is always in the right spirit and ensure that you can tackle your hectic schedule in a better way. However, there are many different types of meditation around the world so you need to pick the right one for yourself.
Yoga - Yoga is a type of meditation which is highly popular across the world. This meditation style was first practiced in India and eventually it has grown across the world. Yoga comprises of various postures and poses along with controlled breathing exercises that allow our body to become flexible and even offer better thinking. It also enhances the level of concentration and relieves stress in a better way.
Guided Meditation - On the other hand, some people also prefer to try guided meditation that allow them to bring peace and relaxation to their mind that will allow them to handle the stress and frustration in a better way. In a guided meditation, the individual is encouraged to form mental images that can offer peace and relaxation and thinking positive through better sights, sounds and smell.
Mantra Meditation - Another popular meditation method is mantra meditation where individuals need to chant certain words or phrase that can bring peace of mind and ensure that the stress is driven away. The chanting of the words repeatedly narrow down’s the consciousness and ensures better concentration and relaxation that is required. It eliminates the thought process and all the negativity in the mind.
Tai Chi - If you are looking for better ways to meditate and find peace of mind you can also look out for Tai Chi which is a Chinese martial arts form that also offers meditation and peace of mind. The moves in this martial arts form is gentle and therefore it allows the individual to go slow and focus on each move improving concentration while also controlling the breathing through various exercises.
Breathing Meditation - If you are looking for different types of meditation that can give you the right push you can choose breathing meditation that can make things easier for you. It is important for people to breathe properly and therefore they can start with simple breathing meditation where they can engage in deep and even paced breathing that is controlled by them allowing more oxygen to be inhaled to eventually move on to better meditation exercises.

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