5 Simple Ways To Awaken Spiritually

Dr. Purushothaman
January 3, 2021

Spiritually is a path of life that most people are not much aware of & misinterpret.

No!! Being Spiritually Active Doesn't Mean that one needs to move to Himalayas & just to meditate for the rest of life. The Real Meaning of Spirituality is the complete opposite of this.

Are You Living Your Life at fullest?

If your response is no. Don't Worry. The holistic approach will change the way of your lifestyle & Turns it into a Spiritually awaken lavish life. That one does dream without implementations.

What is Spirituality?

Spirituality doesn't have a specific definition, Spirituality in life has a different meaning for different people. It Entirely depends on your bought up. Some associate it with religions, cultures, traditional ceremonies.

Spirituality is an observation of this life that one can experience within. Yes, Within what's going in ourselves. The Best way to spend some time alone with nature & observe what's going in our head & how are we responding or reacting to situations.

A Spirituality is a self-care ritual one can build to feel more energetic & to fill ourselves with positive vibes & Experience every single moment of life mindfully.

Why Should We Need To Be More Spiritually Awaken?

One Can Never Live Fully By just Activating one part of life. You might be physically fit, But what about Mental health, Emotional stability, Spiritually awaken? Yes, life Does have multiple pillars to be in the best possible shape of life. Once all these pillars activate, life's meaning just changes into some meaningful & we live every day to the fullest. Masterpieces don't create in a day or two. It takes a lot of discipline, consistency, Habits, Mindfulness, Manifestation  & perseverance.

Not Sure Where To Begin, Here Are 5 Ways To Be More Spiritually Awaken :

  • Acceptance

Start With The Practice of Acceptance in life: Everything we have today is more than enough & don't ask for more. Just work more, and you will, in return, get more.

Every Morning I say this to myself, "You are More Than Yourself, "which gives me a feeling of acceptance in life. The courage to live a life with no regrets & accept whatever life throws at me, whether it is wrong or right or unique for me.

This Universe Does Start & End From us only. Yes, we are in this universe, but the universe in us too. It's just a little observation that we have to focus on. Once this daily practice becomes a lifetime habit. Nothing can stop you from creating a lavish lifestyle.

  • Never Forget Your Roots

Remember from where you come from. What are your family roots have come from, what your parents/Grandparents have done for you? Living a master life does require a sense of belonging & that's an emotion. Right!

You Might Not Be an Emotional Person, but when you recall your roots. It always makes you still & will just observe this life pattern & Feel Thankful, Grateful for this life which helps one to live a lavish lifestyle.

  • Close To Nature

The Smell of Earth is Great Because it has no particular smell & which does make it more beautiful. Nature always heals. The crippling sounds of birds, the Reflection of blue water, the shadow of trees & Fresh Air make us feel alive again. It just disconnects us from everything we had in our day & forms a positive space.

Yes! You are in the moment & Feeling a sense of something big than yourself.

Pro-Tip - Do it often; spend time with nature, at least for a few minutes. You will feel a lot better & Spiritually awaken.

  • Practice Spirituality

Spiritually isn't just physical health, mental health, emotional stability, spiritual well being. It is a combination of all these pillars that makes it worth living. So start practising different Morning Routine Rituals to make your lifestyle better than before.

  • Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a life practice every single moment of life in a better conscious way. You can't master this practice in a short time. So start doing it consciously soon. It will be your subconscious activity.

  • Practice Forgiveness

You can't live a happy life without forgiving yourself & others. Often happens with us when we encounter some bad situation & we ended up with cursing others in our head but that is just harming us again and again. So the best way is to start the practice of forgiveness to live a happy life.

  • Meditation

We live in a modern era where we had mastered the art of distraction & make our lives better & more comfortable to start practising meditation practices. Meditation is a form of concentration that we can build overtime for mindful & joyful living.

  • Learn To Stay Still & Be Kind

Life is like stagnant water! Many people will disagree with this. So I want to explain this statement using some examples.

Water in a sea or an ocean or a pond has a different shape, waves, but water, nothing else at the end of the day. The widely accepted term we will call it as water no matter what. Similarly, in life, we have different stages, situations, occurrences, but at the end of the day, from inside, we can be still - Calm & stagnant while learning & Growing.

If One Wants to live Lavish Life. It is significant for them to learn & to stay still while being kind to themselves & others.

Are you feeling Blessed today? Hopefully, this article has put any value in your life. If you liked this article, please comment us for more amazing tips & guides.

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