5 Flexible Jobs for College Students

Dr. Purushothaman
October 16, 2013


Most of the college students are always willing to get a flexible job opportunity. Apart from that, they do not have enough time to do a full time job. So there is great concern among the students, that how to find a job with flexible hours. There are few job descriptions that give flexibility to college students. That helps to students to earn extra money while pursuing their study. Many employers don't offer jobs with flexible hours even to college students. Besides that there are companies that offer flexible jobs to college students.

College students can find job in restaurants. Restaurants are one of the places which offer job placements to students with flexible hours. You can also work while attending your classes. Fast food restaurants offer jobs in shifts too, that helps to students managing both, studying and working at a time. Fast food hotels and restaurants also provide free meals and give discounts to their workers. So it may be the right choice for the college students working in restaurants.

#2.Grocery Stores
You can also find a job in a near by grocery store with flexibility of hours. Mostly employees have to do their work in shifts from 7 to 3; it often happens with the students only that they are given more flexible hours. For instance, there are chances that students may come in and work from 12 to 8. The college students have another option of working third shift in a grocery store. If the students are willing to work in deli or bakery department they may hardly get the flexible hours. But cashiers, stockers, and baggers have more than chances of getting flexible hours.

#3.Retail Stores
Walmart is one of the best places where college students can get more than flexible jobs. Walmart prefer flexible jobs to college students, those who are looking for part time jobs.
Even mane walmarts services 24 hours. Making more possibility for students to obtain a job that suites your own schedule. There are certain jobs available in the middle of the night. These jobs allow you to attend classes right after work.

#4.Freelance Writing
Freelance writing gives you freedom to work with your own schedule. Several employers offer jobs of freelance writing with your schedule. They offer jobs like content writing, prose writing and writing reviews on different products. A company produces kinds of products for which they need effective contents to increase selling. So, they hires freelance good writer. There is flexibility of time but you need to deliver your work within the given time. No hurry at all, you can attend all the classes and can do the job at home in the night.

Tutoring also a great way of earning money. You can start teaching to those students who are poor in their associate subjects. And you can earn money by doing this. Tutoring also makes you more popular and reputable in your college as a teacher. For tutoring you can set any time conveniently. There is no rigid time to start teaching tutions. So tutoring is a good option for the college students.

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