4 Ways How to Pray

Dr. Purushothaman
November 6, 2014


Prayer is simply talking to GOD, but it is our way we can leash his power in our lives. It is the way we communicate and build a relationship with GOD so that he can continue to act in our best favor as our life goes on. Prayer is one of the most important and powerful tool that we have in our arsenal to getting GOD's attention and assistance. Because God knows all and sees all, prayer is how we give Him our permission step into our life and do what he has wanted to do the time as he watches over our lives. This is because GOD respects the gift of free will that he has given every man, woman and child on this earth. So to allow him to intervene in our problems, we must first ask him to come into our lives. Ask and you shall receive. In Matthew 21:22 it states "All things, whatsoever you ask in prayer, believing, you shall receive", but to receive you must first ask and that is what prayer does. It enables God to unleash his unlimited powers in to our lives and that is why it is so important that we prayer.

The 4 ways that we commonly tap into his power are by praying to yourself, in a group, at a church, or online.

Praying to Yourself is having a private conversation with GOD. Normally people do this by getting down on their knees and putting their hands together. It should be stated that there is no right way to have your own relationship with GOD. GOD is always around and he is always listening. All you have to do is call his name.

Praying in Groups - Praying in groups allow others to hear your prayers and pray for you. It is suppose to gather up the spiritual powers of those involved and send them to heaven to allow GOD to come into their lives or into the lives of the intended receiver of the prayer.

Praying at a Church - Praying at the church inside the house of god is a great way to be surrounded by the spiritual power of god. It is also a great way to receive help from those who have been called by him to help his people to follow him correctly. Many churches offer confessionals and confidential praying where you can speak directly with pastors and bishops about your issues to receive individual prayer.

Praying Online - Praying online is a good way to get a large number of others to pray for you. Plus you are able to keep track of your prayers and document them when they have been answered. The very best site to pray online is GODPleaseHearMe. The site allows you to post your prayers publicly to let the world know that you need help. Praying online allows you to take advantage of all the methods listed above by allowing you to get the world to pray for you, let those who are deeply involved in Christ to pray for you, and lets you have a on going conversation with god that you can keep up with. GOD works in mysterious ways and maybe an online the answer you are looking for is a click away.
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