4 Keys to Creating a Positive Attitude in Life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 3, 2013

Webster's dictionary describes attitude a: "A posture, one's mental state of mind, or one's disposition." A positive attitude means that you keep your idea, values and thoughts in such a mindset that you are always looking towards the good and advancing, trying to overcome problems and find new opportunities in every situation. Those with a positive attitude see the world as theirs to conquer, always looking towards the bright side of life.

When you look at a situation in life you have two choices, you can see the glass as half empty, assuming you have little, or you can see the glass as half full, and know that you have a lot. It's often easy to keep a positive attitude when things are going well, but when things aren't smiling upon you, it can often feel overwhelming. Problems, anxiety, unexpected circumstances, stress – these all lead to growing negativity. That is why it is important that you establish effective processes that help you keep a positive attitude, because if you let negativity get the better of you, you will struggle to succeed with the tasks you undertake.

Why is it important to have a positive attitude?

The truth is that it's simply not possible to always control the circumstances around you. You can't control your socio economic upbringing. You can't control who your parents are or where you were sent to school. You can't always control the things that don't go your way. But what you can control is your attitude. You can find ways to give yourself a positive attitude no matter what difficult tasks you undertake in life. Find that attitude, and you'll find that things start to go your way more often.

How can having a positive attitude change things for you?

Changing your attitude can provide you with two benefits. First, you can keep your motivation longer, and do the work you need to succeed. Second, you can find more pleasure out of the things you do undertake, improving the benefits that you receive from everything that you do. Rather than be discouraged or find a task to be un-enjoyable, you can change your attitude, keep at the task, and find enjoyment throughout the entirety of the process. Soon you'll find that not only do you find more pots of gold at the end of the rainbow, but you also take considerable happiness following the rainbow the whole way.

1) A Positive Attitude is the result of the discipline.

You need to have courage to fight for your positive frame of mind. It always helps to continue an exercise program and healthy diet to feed your mind and body. Regular exercise and a healthy diet will increase your positive disposition and you will feel good about yourself. You can also discipline yourself to look at the positive side of the situation instead of how it is not fair or how it's wrong.

When you have a positive disposition you will start to see things from a different mind-set. You'll find that there are things that are outside of your control. Sometimes you may even find that you can learn something amazing from the experience despite of the outcome, or find that you enjoyed the journey on the way. Keeping that discipline in every situation will ensure that when you are faced with a difficult situation, you will be able to continue keeping a positive attitude rather than find yourself stuck with negative feelings. This discipline will allow you to become a more positive person as a result.

2) Your Attitude determines your altitude. Those who influence you determine how high you can fly.

Many people believe that successful people maintain a positive attitude because they are successful. This cannot be further from the truth. Successful people became successful because of their positive attitude. When faced with a rough situation, they continued onward, knowing that they have the ability to succeed in the future.
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These people understand the secret to keeping a positive attitude and have disciplined themselves to do so. They have allowed their attitude to help them achieve their greatness in life – it has helped them achieve their altitude.

To get a better attitude, you need to first associate yourself with the types of people whose attitudes you desire. Attitude can be contagious, and the more positive the people around you, the more you will feel positive as well. Never underestimate the power of association. When people are not cheering you on – when people are seeing the glass as half full – you will not be able to thrive. You need to keep those around you that have a positive focus, and only allow yourself to associate with the people that bring that level of positivity to your life. Discipline yourself to be positive and surround yourself with positive people and you are on a better path towards achieving a higher altitude.

3) Visualize Success and be whatever it takes.

Positive attitudes come from dreams and vision. They come from the ability to see all of the things that you can achieve if you are willing to do the right things, make the tough choices, and ultimately achieve your goals. In many ways, positive attitudes come from believing. They come from the willingness to trust that you have the ability to do what it takes.

In a way, you are the one cheering yourself on. By visualizing success and having the willingness to do whatever it takes to succeed, you are telling yourself that you are not going to let yourself fail. You are going to keep moving forward and taking action, because you know what's best for you. That cheering and that support that you give yourself will help you look negative things in the face and know that they are not going to stop you. That will help positivity spring forth.

4) Be Grateful for what you have.

Finally, one of the main ways to continue that positive attitude is to recognize that what you have is already amazing. On the path to their goals, many people start to look at their ultimate goal as the defining moment in their life – as though only by reaching that goal can they achieve happiness and, ultimately, remain positive.
But that is not the secret to positivity. You need to look at who you've become already. Look how great you are. Look at all the people around you that are rooting for you. You already have it better than others, and you have achieved more than other people could ever hope to achieve.

Those with a positive attitude recognize this. They are able to remain positive in the face of adversity because they already love their life and are grateful for everything that is brought to them. They embrace change, but they also appreciate everything they have ever managed to achieve.

They stay positive because they understand that even if they could not go any further, what they have is already enough. Everything they do from this point on is a blessing, and they remain positive because they are already experiencing the joy of success before they have ever reached their goals.

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