4 Easy Tips for Great Communication Skills

Dr. Purushothaman
December 10, 2013

With regards to communication skills, you either have it or you don't. This is what many people think. But for those who talk to other people on a daily basis know that this is an important skill they need to have. This is why there are several people who look for ways they can improve this skill. Even the top managers look for ways they can enhance their skills on communication.

One reason why communication skills are really important is because it can help avoid unnecessary conflict. Without proper communication, people can get into arguments all the time. Misunderstandings are part of the outcome of poor communication. Sometimes, it can even do so much as tear relationships apart.

In order to improve your communication skills, here are some tips that I have compiled. These are the tips that I have been using for the past several years, which is why I have been able to avoid unnecessary conflict in my relationships. Bearing this skill, I have been able to communicate what I want properly without hurting other people.

Tip #1: Stay Focused
When you are conversing with someone, it can be tempting to bring back past issues. This is not a good way to communicate with someone because it tends to cloud what the current issue is. As a result, the current topic cannot be properly discussed. As part of good communication skills, it is recommended to stick with the present situation and avoid bringing up the past hurtful issues that may have bothered the other party.

Tip #2: Listen Carefully
I find that when I listen carefully to other people, I am able to communicate well to his concerns. Before I started practicing good communication skills, I used to think that I was listening carefully to the other person who is speaking. But I did not realize that I was actually planning what I was going to say next. When I realized what I was doing, I started practicing good listening skills. I just let the other person talk without interrupting or being defensive. As a result, we are able to understand each other better.

Tip #3: Look for Compromise
Another effective communication skills that I started to practice was to look for a way to compromise with the other individual. This is a good way to communicate with the other party because I am not trying to win our argument. As a result, we are able to find a solution where we both win at the end. I get to practice healthy communication because the two of us are happy with the end result.

Tip #4: Empathize
Whenever someone criticizes me, I do not find a way to be defensive. I have learned that through good communication skills, I can get through to whatever difficult situation I am in. Even though it's hard to listen to criticism, I simply respond to them in an empathizing manner. I try to look for the truth in what they are saying so I can learn from my mistakes.

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