3 Sure-Fire Tips To Save Your Relationship


Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Have you ever eased dropped on a couple arguing? One of the first things you would automatically notice is how much they disagree. This is very crucial because the main reason they are always arguing is because there is no communication or lack thereof.
Lack of communication is the main reason why most relationship fails. Usually in the beginning everything is great, but that is only because we are learning the amazing sides of our new partner. Nevertheless, as time pass, communication starts lacking and usually both partners feels it's the other's fault.
There is still hope, so don't worry
Please just for right now have no communication with your ex. He/she need time to think, so grant them that - unless you want this little break to last indefinitely. During this break practice communicating and socializing with everyone else, this is key because by the time you are ready to communicate with your ex, you're new listening and talking skills will make it appear like the individual he/she first fell in love with.
3 Sure-fire tips to follow
1.Listen and do not interrupt people when they are talking. Most of the time, we are so caught in our thoughts and thinking about our reply that we end up cutting them off in the middle of their sentence.
2. Never assume anything. If you do not understand something he/she said fully, or feels there is information missing, then asks the person what you wanted to say. By just asking and not assume, you now have a clear picture, and you are also now paving way for communication.
3. Repeat what he/she said whenever you are unclear about something said. Ask them if that is what they meant to say. Make sure you are clear about what they're saying, so that you are not imposing your own beliefs or thought of what was said to you.
This may sound like a lot of work, but ask yourself: Do you really want your ex back? Anyways, once you get used to communicating this way, it will be as easy as riding a bike and you will actually feel great!
Now pay very close attention
As you may know the hardest part of saving any relationship is actually trying to get his/her flame back on - and keeping it that way permanently. If you fail to commit to this step, then everything will be over.
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