12 Secret Keys to Developing the Magnetism And Influence that Can Lead to Relationship and Marriage Success

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Not all of us recognize the importance of charisma and magnetism in building relationships with other people. But mind you, both play a very crucial part in securing that the relationship you have will last and turn out to be strong.
Charisma is defined as a compelling attractiveness possessed by a person towards others. It is manifested by how that person is able to influence and convince others to act and respond the way he wants them to. The good thing about having a charismatic personality is that you can get other people to build trust, confidence, and a liking in you. This in turn can result to better relationships and marriage with your partner. But how does one develop magnetism and influence? Here are 12 secret keys:
1. You will never know who you will meet so its always practical to assume that every person may mean something to you today or in the future. Thus, you have to treat each of them as significant and important.
2. When you are in a conversation with a person you meet for the first time, project a wholesome and friendly image. Not many people realize that providing an aggressive and strong personality may turn others off. You will end up losing potential friends or even romantic partners eventually.
3. The first impression defines what kind of communication you will have with a person. So make the best possible notion of yourself to others.
4. Many people have that weakness of forgetting peoples names. If you meet someone for the first time, make sure you recognize the same person by face and by name when you stumble upon each other again.
5. Do not appear like you are interested in listening to someone. Instead, be genuinely interested. If you can practice this technique, you will win a lot of charisma and influence from people that correspond with you.
6. Do not be self centered. Always find a way to acknowledge and perceive the good things others do. Its all worth it.
7. Hear people out especially when they need you the most. Remember that those who are emotionally stressed out need someone to talk to. If you are there, they will be able to recognize that and consider you as someone interesting and influential.
8. Never forget to look good. Developing magnetism and influence for better relationships with people always include proper physical look and hygiene. Project an image that you are neat, orderly, and presentable.
9. Talk about issues and topics that spark the interest of the people around you. You can even give your opinion. Whats not to do is join a group and then suddenly asserting yourself.
10. Magnetism can be best achieved when you smile. This is actually a no brainer since those people who love to smile are the same ones who gain more attention and get more influence.
11. Speak your mind, but avoid arguing with negative people. You cannot develop magnetism and influence if you can utter even a single word in a conversation. Conversely, you cannot also dominate the entire talk. Be a good speaker and a good listener.
12. And lastly, be willing to do all these things if you want to build lasting relationships like marriages in the future. Charisma and influence is founded on the value of respect other people have for you.
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