10 Reasons That Addicts And Alcoholics Fail In Early Recovery

Dr. Purushothaman
September 11, 2013

There are so many alcoholics in Illinois alcohol rehabs. A lot of people today are engaged in alcoholism. Since alcoholism can cause a lot of devastating effects to the life of a person, professional help is definitely recommended. However, there are people who really have a hard time breaking free from alcoholism.

If you watch the news, you might hear about those people who get arrested for driving under the influence of alcohol even a few weeks after they have been released from rehabilitation centers. So why do people have a hard time fighting alcoholism? The following are the factors.

• They do not follow the right instructions on how to solve their problem. There are methods that should be done so that alcoholism can be kicked out of a person's lifestyle. If these methods are not followed, people will definitely have a hard time breaking free from alcoholism.

• They succumb to their low self esteem. Low esteem is one of the effects of alcoholism. When people suffer from low self-esteem, they think lowly of themselves and they believe that they will never be able to break free from their addiction.

• They do not know how to manage their feelings properly. Problems that are related with relationships, work, and education can definitely make a person feel emotional. When people get sad or depressed about problems, they usually grab a bottle of liquor so that they could forget their problems for a while.

• They do not take the recover process seriously. There are some people who agree to go rehabilitation but are not really that serious. That is why they easily get tempted to break the rules which will help him break free from alcoholism.

• They succumb to pressure from peers. Alcoholics who enter Illinois alcohol rehabs easily get tempted by other alcoholic friends. Nothing can be more pressurizing than alcoholic friends forcing a person that has just started to recover from the bad habit.

• They do not believe that going to rehabilitation meetings are important. If a person knows that there are people who are experiencing the same problems that he is experiencing, he will not have a hard time breaking free from alcohol addiction.

• They refuse to get help from professionals. People think that they could change themselves without professional help. However, breaking free from require a lot of help from professionals and alcoholics will not be able to be sober alone.

• They think that it is very easy to fight alcoholism. It is never easy to fight alcoholism. Most of the time, people take for granted the rehabilitation efforts that concerned friends and family are offering them.

• They could not surrender their addiction. Most people simply do not want to change. That is why no change is being done. People might attend rehabilitation meetings, but if they secretly love alcohol, they will never be able to break free from their addiction.

• They do not take action. When people do not act as soon as possible, it is impossible for them to be sober.

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