You Really Do Possess Incredible Creativity and Genius Potential

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013


Image if you will...a world of true abundance. A world rich in technological advances that makes everyone's lives easier...allowing each of us more time to truly pursue our own interests and life goals. A world where disease has been eradicated...and everyone enjoys abundant health and well being. A world full of beauty through the properly applied use of our natural resources...and through the many artistic creations that come from the minds of vast amounts of truly inspired individuals who have really learned how to tap into their innate creative abilities.

Just imagine for a moment...the incredible power of vast amounts of people applying their own unique genius towards improving all aspects of this world in which we live. I literally shutter inside when I think about the incredible positive transformation our world could experience...if multitudes of people started to truly use their natural creative talents to help solve some of the big issues that a much of the world population faces each day. Problems such as hunger, disease, lack of adequate shelter, and general poverty could be basically eliminated within 5 to 10 years!

Wow! - What an incredible thought huh? Just thinking about what could be...continues to inspire and propel me to develop my own creative talents.

Many feel that true creativity and genius has only been granted to a special few. Fortunately for all of us...that's just not true

While history does in fact glorify the incredible accomplishments of noted creative geniuses such as Leonardo da Vinci, Albert Einstein, Thomas Edison, and Ludwig van Beethoven (and rightly so)...there have also been countless other individuals from the past who have contributed greatly to the betterment of humanity through their creative efforts that may not be quite as well known.

Even today, there are individuals around the globe who use their innate creative talents to develop incredible breakthroughs in science, technology, genetics, medicine, arts, and a host of other disciplines that have had profound positive impacts to all our lives.

Are all these "creative geniuses" just naturally possessed with special knowledge and skills that the rest of us "mere mortals" could never possibly hope to obtain? Much evidence seems to in fact suggest...that we are all capable of incredible feats of creativity and inventive genius. We may have only just forgotten how to tap into our own natural creative talents and skills.

Perhaps the only thing that separates us from the rest of those "creative geniuses" out there is our own lack of knowledge concerning the development of our innate creative abilities and genius potentials. With this thought in mind, it becomes vital that we truly learn how to develop our creative minds and genius potential.

Not only is true creative ability available to anyone who is willing to develop it, but due to it's importance to our inner spiritual essence...learning how to manifest our innate creative talents is probably one of the most important skills we can develop as individuals!

It could even be argued...that we come closest to God and our inner spiritual essence when we are actively expanding our minds with creative thoughts and experiences

Many teachings and religions today say we are all creations of God...and were in fact, created in God's image. These same teachings and religions also state that God is the Supreme Creator, who's immeasurable creative abilities were responsible for the design of stars, planets, and everything thing else both physical and non-physical. With all of this's not a large stretch to assume that each one of us also possess the ability to create.

Many creative individuals often report going into another state of they actively pursue their innate creative talents and genius potentials. Many of history's most celebrated geniuses have reported these same special moments in they have birthed a new thought or invention that ended up having a profound impact on the world.

Perhaps many of us enter a different mindset during these creative times because we are in fact...entering a primordial part of ourselves that has been there all along. During these times of active creative pursuits...we can truly connect to our inner spiritual essence because we are engaged in activities that could have profound effects for everyone around us...and connectedness with everyone is where our inner essence (or souls) reside.

Now is the time to truly tap into your own creative talents and genius potential. The world desperately needs your valuable thoughts, inventions, and other manifestations of an active and creative mind

With all that has been is vital that each of us realize just how creative and intelligent we all truly are. In reality, at our core...we are all incredibly creative beings forever yearning to explore new thoughts, experiences, and ideas for new and better ways of doing things and exploring the world and universe we are all a part of.

We really could create the world of abundance mentioned above...but it will take the combined creative abilities of everyone to truly make it happen. Each one of us possesses special gifts, talents, and thoughts...that could have incredible effects on science, technology, medicine, arts, and a multitude of other areas of life that can have wonderful benefits for us all.

Now truly is the time to rediscover your own "hidden" creative abilities and genius potential. The world is waiting for your own special contributions...regardless of how big or small they may be!

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