You Can Stop Your Divorce! Save Your Relationship!

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


For you to stop a divorce, you must persuade your partner to give the marriage another chance. It is totally necessary if you are to have a chance of stopping a divorce. It can be stopped at any time, prior to filing or up to the last bit of paperwork. The earlier you stop the divorce, the better the chance that it won't be restarted.
Again, you must convince the partner to allow a second chance for the marriage. If you have been begging and pleading to stop the divorce, stop it now! This form of behavior can serve to drive your partner further away. No one wants to be in the company of this type of behavior.
Acting more mature and maintaining a calm demeanor will bode well with your partner. Explain that you are sad and hurt and that you do not want the divorce. You want another chance to save the marriage. The response from your partner might shock you.
Another tactic is to suggest marital counseling. This action shows maturity and has been very successful for many couples for many years. These counselors are professionals who do this sort of thing for a living. This is a major step in saving your marriage. Get your partner to agree to this plan and you stand a much greater chance of stopping your divorce.
During the counseling sessions, you will have the opportunity to demonstrate why your partner fell in love with you. You now must show honest effort in wanting to correct the problems which caused your partner to consider divorce. Just remember, upon saving your marriage you must be forever diligent to prevent it from happening again. Continue counseling as long as it seems helpful. Your counselor will tell you if he or she believes you are wasting each other's time.
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