Without Purpose, Life Has No Meaning

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Do you sometimes worry that your life has no meaning?
If so, you've most likely never invested any quality time in looking within for the answers to your life purpose.
Having and living a life that turns into happiness necessitates an effort on your part to recognize accurately why you were placed here on Earth.
The test most of us must face up to as we voyage through life is that there are a huge number of persons, thought processes, and proceedings that push us in a range of directions. Your parents maybe pushed you to choose a particular life, as did the world in general. Whether or not this path was the one you in truth longed for inside possibly wasn't something you genuinely considered.
All of a sudden, you wake up with a sentiment of emptiness and uncover that life has no significance for you. You're just moving through the motions, existing almost zombie-like as you stagger through each and every day.
Even while there are a few people who seem born with their life meaning already at the forefront of their minds, you weren't so lucky. You recognize you were intended for something bigger, but you just can't seem to lock on to what it is you should be doing with your life.
Let's look into a few activities you might use to uncover your life meaning and bring to a close your dreaded feelings that tell you life has no meaning.
First, look into the kinds of subject matter you've forever been ardent about. Have you for all time found yourself magnetized toward animals? Or perhaps arts, crafts, music or poetry transport passion into your soul. What about education, teaching, business, etc? Commence crafting a record of that which makes you experience magic from within.
Secondly, create an inventory of all the activities you love to do. Rather than general subject areas, now commence thinking about the tangible activities you love, such as painting, writing, playing a certain sport, boating, racing, singing, cooking, reading, gardening, etc.
Thirdly, pull from within all those things you're inherently superior at. What talents and skills have you been great at all throughout life? What simply comes naturally to you? Additionally, you may have grown into particular skills since you've gathered experience in them over the years.
Lastly, commence to detail everything that is vital to you. This time, you must focus more on issues that impact the world in general, rather than only thinking on a personal level. What's vital to you as it pertains to things such as worldly causes, events, situations, people, animals, groups, etc?
When you begin to center on these things, you'll uncover that you'll discontinue thinking life has no meaning. Look for patterns between your four lists. Look for connections. What keeps popping up? Although this is just the preliminary step toward discovering your life meaning, you should start to realize a sense of hope.
As you journey all the way through life, your inherent talents have been given to you to help you steer toward your destination, which are the things that are most vital to you. Because you have enthusiasm about the things you love to do and the things that are most treasured by you, you'll have plenty of energy to keep on going.
Life has no meaning when you haven't given yourself to that which is most vital and passionate to you in a way that brings real assistance to the folks close to you. You'll be able to impact the world when you figure out how to work through the activities you love to do, which use your inherent abilities in the process.

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