Why we should have proper desires in life

Dr. Purushothaman
October 13, 2013

Desire is essential in life. By a proper desire, our future will be self-disciplined, self-determined.

To create new in our lives, we have to create new thoughts. We get many thoughts in our lives, in that we should separate as good and bad thoughts.

A good thought influence our will power and helps our desire strong and bad thoughts are usually in our minds for example, you are walking on a road, seeing a funny dress. You think yourself that would be funny if I wear it to the College, within a seconds you get distracted and move onto the next thoughts. We get most of thoughts like these every day, but they pay nothing.

The method to build a strong desire is to tackle challenges which you successfully put effort. We should be progressive and take challenges in each step to attain our desire in life. At first, challenges are very difficult, later it will be very easier. Just like a stronger lifts same weights easily as he becomes strongest. Don't hesitate and compare with anyone, they won't help you. If you think you are weak, everyone will seem stronger. If you think you are strong, everyone else will seem weaker. Just look at where you are and desire to get better as you go forward.

Self-discipline contributes the ability to withstand difficulties, whether physical, mental or emotional. Everybody have inner, unconscious impulses regarding doing or saying and later regret. Many times, we started to do something and quit after a period, we all had experiences like these. To overcome these habits, we need to have self discipline.

By visualizing, we should strive the things according to them. For each period that you want to change your habit, remember your desire and act consequently. Be honest and favor in your desire.
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