Why Tens of Thousands of People are Becoming Life Coaches

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014

About 5 years ago I wrote an article entitled "Healing from the Inside Out". It stated that the consciousness movement around the world reflected advancement in human evolution - a growing recognition, or more rightly, a remembrance that we are spiritual beings first, and in the physical form, second. Many of us then -- and now -- have long since surged past the limiting belief that we are mind and body alone, and have forged into the reality that we are much more than who or what we seem.
The concept of acknowledging, accepting, and living a fully connected life in body, mind and spirit has flourished, and as the personal development industry, as well as the number of people becoming professional business and life coaches has grown substantially. Certified professional life coaches trained by IPEC Coaching (the coach training organization I founded in 1999) are helping countless seekers remember their purpose in this life, as well as help them to create more balance, peace, abundance, happiness, and fulfillment. iPEC's proprietary Core Energy Coaching process develops professionals who bring out the absolute best in all clients, from homemakers to CEO's. This unique and intimate partnership between coach and coachee is done by emotionally connecting one's inner purpose and passion to outer goals and tasks to bring about extraordinary and sustainable results.
Whether as a seeker or to become a professional coach, people from every walk of life are turning to life coach training. The trainees are from all demographics, including teachers, human resource professionals, CEO's, sales people, massage therapists, social workers, managers, nutritionists, and more. No matter what their background, a few characteristics are glaringly apparent among those who attend our school. They are typically described, either by themselves or by others as:

a. People who believe you should actually enjoy your career/work
b. Great listeners and friends to whom others' turn to for help or support
c. People of great passion in their beliefs, principles, and purpose
d. And those who are the true seekers, devoting their lives to continued growth and learning.

It is easy then to see why thousands of people each year are turning to this career, as a way to earn a living, but also as way of life and a way of being. iPEC Coaches are not those who just know how to coach; they are coaches, and have incorporated their new skills, philosophy, and ethics into all aspects of their lives.

Coaching is the profession for the 21st century, as it offers people to finally earn their worth by sharing their true gifts. That is why, over the last several years, the profession has exploded in numbers, not only on those who are getting trained by iPEC, but also by those who are looking to work with coaches as their clients.
Imagine being able to grow and find deep purpose in not only your own experiences, but also through the experiences of your clients. To the thousands who have been trained at iPEC, the consensus is clear: This is the profession they have been waiting for years for, but didn't know existed.
Yes, iPEC coaches are helping people see - and re-member - that they are much more than what they appear. By diving deeply into the ocean of human potential, these ambassadors of human potential help raise the consciousness of those they work, associate, and live with.
For me, I'm so very proud to be a part of a movement that helps people reach their potential, and know that my iPEC family is actively taking part in the forward-moving journey to consciousness.

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