Why Smart People Live Better Lives!

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013

We know it to be true! They do live better lives!

But, why?

There seems to be no clear answer at first!

What is it about these “smart” people that makes life seem so carefree and limitless?

We know for certain that no one’s life is truly that wonderful! Right?

I think?

Nothing about this phenomenon seems to make any logical sense at first glance!

But, wait, things aren’t always as they first seem.

When you analyze the situation closely, you can discover exactly what’s really going on here!

So, what EXACTLY is it about these people that makes life so great for them?

It’s not that smart people work harder, we all know that!

Come on….

I think almost every one of us can easily remember an event that took place in our lives that was challenging and required some level of hard work from us, right?

Remember the time you studied for 2 solid weeks for that nearly impossible calculus exam.

Only to earn a C, while you happen to notice that the “smart” student next to you gets a 90%, even though right before the exam, he informed you he didn’t have the chance to even study for it!

Ever notice how smart people seem more attractive or appealing in almost a mysterious, indescribable way?

Now, how can that be?

Intelligence does not = Attractive


No one can just look at you and know that you are “smart,” right?

Or wrong?

Maybe it’s not so hard after all!

In my analysis of the overall situation, I have come to some really cool and interesting conclusions that I would love to share with everyone!

Why do I want to share it with everyone?

Because, this is info that we all can use to live better lives.

You don’t have to be “smart” to live smart!

Yeah, if you are new to this website, that’s what it’s all about!

Connecting you to smart tips and smart people, so you can ultimately live a smarter, BETTER life!

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So, just what is it that creates that difference in quality of life for smart people?

As I stated previously, it is not that smart people simply work harder than the rest.

To be completely accurate, we know that smart people very often seem to work far less in comparison to a the “average, normal” person.

So, what is it that makes the difference?

You ready?

The difference is that smart people make more effective and efficient progress through their efforts!

Another way to conceptualize this is that smart people are receive greater, more significant rewards for the efforts that they have put in.

Let me be more succinct…


And they tend to get used to getting results!

So, what happens next, that “smartness” starts to be desired in every aspect of the smart person’s life.

Now, let’s more accurately call the smartness what it is, results!

A smart person gets results.

And, smart people begin to want and strive for getting those levels of results from every aspect of their lives.

It is no longer good enough to bank the same, invest the same, work the same, vacation the same, interact with people the same.

The smart person seems to almost get addicted to getting those effective and efficient results

And, they start to want that type of performance in every area of their lives

Work, play, leisure, etc

Wow, I guess that makes sense then, smart people get results, the more results they get, the happier, maybe even better their lives seem to be.

Now, what you might be wondering is…..

What if I don’t believe I’m a smart person?

Is my life doomed to be a life of misery, burdened by constant limitation? What hope is there for me?

Well, I have a positive answer for you…..

No, it doesn’t mean you are doomed.

You can start living smarter too!

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Free info from smart people, who can beat that?

That’s free info to living a more productive, effective, efficient, fulfilling, better life!

I don’t know about you, but……

I’ll take it!

By: Lisakailee

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