Why Should All Helping Professionals Create a Life Purpose Vision Board?

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


Have you been thinking about creating a Vision Board? Are you a Helping Professional struggling to find life/work balance? Do you just need something to help you get out of your own way, so you can finally lead that purpose driven life?
What is it that brings up resistance for us as Helping Professionals and how come most of us end up broke, burnt-out, self-sabotaging and procrastinating instead of fulfilling our life purpose and manifesting the life we really desire?
So, why is it so common for Helping Professionals to know how to help everyone else, but they have a hard time sorting out there OWN lives?
The simple fact is many Helping Professionals do NOT feel truly worthy of having what it is they want.
The science behind the Law of Attraction is based on knowing how to manifest in a certain way that eases any vibrational resistance, so you can manifest everything that is important to you as you fulfil your Life Purpose with clarity, purpose, life/work balance, more vibrancy and prosperity.
This maybe creating a vision board that aims to attract more clients who resonate with your message, story, vision or mission or how you want to heal or help others improve their health and well-being.
What is a Life Purpose Vision Board Exactly?
Basically, it is similar to a traditional vision board, a visual representation of your goals. But I named my vision board; my Life Purpose Vision Board to align my life purpose and the essence of who I am and have a balanced life!
The main reason was realising that when you begin creating a vision board to help you fulfil your life purpose, you will feel free and no longer believe you have to choose one or the OTHER, you can have BOTH personal and professional fulfilment!
Life Purpose Vision Boards really CAN and do free you up to give and receive, in all areas of your life including the physical, emotional, intellectual, spiritual, material, creative, adventure, character, financial and professional elements of your life.
Until we as Helping Professionals are ready to get out of our own way, we block not only our own destiny or any goal we might place on our vision board, but we hold our selves back from reaching the people we feel compelled to serve.
What Shall I Include on My Life Purpose Vision Board?
It is important to have a very 'clear mental image' of what it is you are asking the Universe for!
The Law of Attraction concept is based upon what you think about most of the time eventually manifesting into your life. From this perspective it is very important that you find a way to focus your thoughts to be in alignment with what you want to do, be or have.
Using a specific theme such as you fulfilling your life purpose, creating life-work balance, manifesting more vibrancy and prosperity, you can be sure that things you place on your vision board will support you in making your difference in the world and at the same time manifest prosperity in every area of your life.
Life Purpose Vision boards will work for you to manifest your life purpose, your vision, your healing, your goals, your destiny, your dreams, your desires, wealth, prosperity and abundance, a soul-mate or manifesting absolutely anything!
Knowing thoughts become things, your dominant thoughts (both subconscious and conscious thoughts), become things, in other words they manifest into your reality.
Even though we know that it is our thoughts that determine what we manifest into our lives and it sounds pretty simple, many Helping Professionals feel guilty about putting themselves first or feel unworthy of receiving money for their work.
This is dominant in their thoughts and this kind of negative thinking (poverty thinking) is constantly energized with negative emotion (poverty consciousness), often not being aware of how to manifest using the Law of Attraction, they use it in reverse.
Because their focus is centred around what they don't want, they do not really believe they can manifest everything into their reality or they are not truly open to receiving or just don't know what they want or are not placing their attention long enough to manifest anything into their reality.
Unfortunately, this is why so many Helping Professionals have had the negative experience of trying to manifest using the Law of Attraction and Vision Boards as they don't really know how to make them work.
Put into action a vision to align your purpose in life, with your current business with your true-self and your personal life and you will begin seeing noticeable changes in a very short period of time.
Instead of trying to figure out or force your way to manifest a better life you'll have a clear mental image and be telling yourself I can manifest anything and it will happen for me.
And soon, you'll know how to manifest your vision for prosperity and abundance with your Life Purpose Vision Board doing the work you love!

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