Why Marriage Counseling Is Essential Today?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 24, 2018

Marriage is one of the blessing the mankind has. Through these two individuals are promising to keep help each other when one is indeed and even more. But in most of the cases, about 60% will not feel this after two or three months of their marriage life. They usually try to hurt each other when they will get appropriate time and space. Slowly they came to realize that it is not that much easier to get a peaceful marriage life. They slowly realize that it need more commitment and sacrifices than any other relation in life. But it is also clear that it is not that much easy. Our society is normally a male dominant society. Usually females are forced to adjust with each and every situation.

What will happen in many of the situation is that, women will think that ‘why I should adjust all the time and why he can’t even make a small step for a happy family?. At this point the complication arises. It is actually not only women but also men should take care to stand out of any troubling situation in the family. This is a very important fact that only a very few relationship exists with free of conflict. When the conflict occurs in our family, we need to suffer a lot. Sometimes even we lose our physical health. Usually our physical hygiene is mostly sacrificed during this period, making the person feel worthless and hopeless. You may not consider other to solve your problems during your first instincts. You may feel even incredible when you think of others solving your problem. In the next stage you will feel defeated and feel uncontrolled over the situation.

At  this point the role of couple counseling becomes relevant. Couple counseling is a form of talking therapy which help to improve your communication and resolve issues between the couples. It can be done individually or with the presence of both. But the fact is that couple counseling is mostly suited for those who attend the session together.

Counselors may use several methods to help the couple to tackle the problems.

  • The counselor will use open discussion to express the problem.
  • Makes couples a mentality to share their problem.
  • The counselor will analyze the behavior of both you and your partner.
  • The counselor will try to teach different methods to improve your communication.
  • The counselor will also make use of role play and role modelling.
  • The counselor will take a brief history about your family and your childhood

Through this counselor will try to pinpoint the source of your conflict and they will suggest some measures to resolve it. In this there will be some analysis done about the good and bad aspect of your relationship. Through this they are trying to build a strong relationship between you and your partner. This is mainly done through improving your skills in communication and problem solving. If you have some other problem related to your health, counselor will also try to work with other health care providers to give you a holistic treatment.

It is not that much easy to conduct a counseling session. Sometimes there may be silent for a long period of time, Sometimes there may be arguing and yelling. The counselor can expect anything from the couples. During this period counselor will act like a mediator, who will help the couples to manage their turmoil and emotions.

Sometimes you may feel improved after a few sessions. It may be positive sign to build a strong relationship and both the partners should try harder to maintain this harmonious situation. If it goes in a negative way, that means if your missed bond in the relationship becomes irreconcilable. You can take your own choice, whether to continue a relationship or to make a break in it.

Marriage counseling is not only proposed for those who have problems in their marriage life. But also for couples who want to strengthen their relationship or to improve intimacy. This will also provide a better understanding among the couples.

It is not only done for those who are married, but also for those who are planning to marry. This counseling session is called as pre marriage counseling. This will help to; achieve a better understanding of each other character and go through each other life as a hopeful traveler. It will try to iron out differences among the couples and give suggestions to cope up with the differences.

Through this I want to convey one thing that marriage counseling is a necessity in the marriage life and try to understand its necessity in your life. This will help both couples get a peaceful and harmonious life.

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