Why Marital Counseling is Important in America

Dr. Purushothaman
March 29, 2020

Marriage is one of the most beautiful relationships in the world. When a person finds the right partner for marriage, life seems nothing less than a fairy tale. But often, the relationship in marriage becomes stressed and you start falling out of love with your partner.

In the United States, about 40 to 50 percent married couples divorce. With the growing number of divorce cases, it is important that we find ways to address the issue. In such scenarios, the role of a couple or marital counseling becomes important. However, the major question is, when you need to consider marriage counseling. In this article, we will help you find some trigger points and behaviors that are signs of relationship issues which require marriage counseling. We will also discuss the role of marital counseling and how it helps you.

  • Many challenges erupt into married life when you are not talking to each other. Broken communication leads to the relationship going in the wrong direction. A marital counselor will help the couple to restore communication between each other.
  • Marital counseling becomes essential when the couple is talking, but the talks are mostly negative. Negative communication involves leaving one of the partners shamed, insecure, disregarded or with any other negative feeling. The marital counseling can help the couple settle their issues and indulge in a positive conversation. This helps in calming down the environment between couples.
  • Couples often fear to talk about the issues between them. The issues could be about sex, money, habits, etc. This leads to stress in the relationship. During such times, marital counseling becomes important. The couples counselor can help the couple in knowing the issues between them and understand each other in a better way.
  • Often there are issues between the couple when one of the partners starts acting as a parent or Punisher. This causes a lack of balance in the relationship and leads to fights. The marital counselor can help the partner in understanding the reason for such behavior and improve understanding between the couple.
  • When couples feel that they are always on the different side of the coin, it is time to consult a couple counselor. The counselor can help the couple in bridging the differences and building a healthy relationship.
  • When one of the partners has an affair outside marriage, it can lead to severe consequences. Most of the divorce cases happen due to this reason. In such cases, the counselor can help the couple with a therapy process and honesty of the couples during the process can save the marriage. The role of the marital counselor is to assist the couple to move on.
  • Financial unfaithfulness can be very damaging to the marriage relationship. If one partner keeps the other partner in the dark regarding the spending and other matters related to money, it can lead to a big conflict. Marriage often fails to survive when such issues arise. Here the couples counselor can help the couple in sorting out the conflicts and bringing transparency to their relationship.
  • When there is a significant change in the sex life of a couple, it is another bad sign for the relationship. The reduction in sex drive is common among partners who are in a relationship for a long time. However, there changes are not good for their relationship. Similarly, a sudden increase in the sexual activity is also a sign that the partner is trying to make up for something wrong. Here the counselor can help the couple in confronting each other and bringing openness in the married life. This will increase the trust between the couple and help them in moving on.
  • Often couples indulge in an argument over the same thing repeatedly. The reason for the argument can be specific behavior or anything that angers the partner. The other partner fails to understand the reason for such behavior and cannot help himself/herself about it. Here the role of a couples counselor becomes important. He can promote the couple to indulge in healthy discussion and make them figure out the real reason for the fight.
  • Married life faces a lot of issues due to various matters that have no resolution to it. The issues can be related to finances, sexual problems, a different viewpoint on raising the child, etc. Often, both the partners fail to find a common solution and the differences continue forever. This brings stress to the married life. In such scenarios too, the couple can seek help of a counselor. The marital counselor can help the couple in understanding each other’s viewpoint and come to a common resolution.

Marriage is the sweetest bond between two people and hence it needs to be preserved well. If there are stressed relations between a couple, it is advisable to seek help at the right time. Living In Wellbeing is one of the leading counseling centres in Kerala providing online and in-person counseling for various issues like anxiety, depression, fear, phobia, relationship issues, etc. We provide one to one counseling sessions to our patients and maintain complete secrecy of their case. Our motto is to promote healthy living and therefore we go an extra mile to help people overcome their issues and lead to the path of a happy living.

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